Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baking and Decorating

After the hockey game last night we were so Wiped out, neither of
us wanted to stop for Dinner... And, since we knew we had to
be up early this morning, I promised that if we could just
come home and Fall into bed, I would be agreeable to
taking him out for Breakfast at his favorite place

You know his Favorite place... The place with the big fireplace
and Gift shop to browse while you wait for your table...
I've never found anything I couldn't Live without
there, (including their Food); but this morning
was a little different because I found these
edible Snowflake decorations I had to have!

I made a Deal with him... I told him if he agreed to bring the banister
decorations in, I would bake his favorite Chocolate cupcakes

We never Decorate for the holidays this early... However, this year
is different. Why? Because we're part of the Army again, and we've
just learned that our Ranger will not have leave for Christmas

So while he's home this week for Thanksgiving we will celebrate
both Thanksgiving and include him and his Girl in the usual preparations
for Christmas we've enjoyed together as a family since the day he was
born. Please don't get me started on how Unhappy it makes me to think
about even another day, let alone, Christmas without Brandon here...
 And please understand when I tell you that I am doing my best NOT
to think about the fact that the reason he cannot come home for
Christmas is because the leave is being saved for March so he
can spend a full two weeks at home before he... Nope. Not
going to say it. Saying it makes it real. And, it's not real!

So I'm baking some Thanksgiving cookies. The
plan is to decorate them with names and use
them as place cards at our Thanksgiving table

I've also decided not to use the Thanksgiving china this year. I'm going to set
our table the way I usually do for the Christmas Eve meal instead. Maybe I'll
use the Thanksgiving china to serve leftovers the day after Thanksgiving. We'll
see. By the way... I found this cute little Christmas tree at an Antique shop
we stopped at on the way home from breakfast today. I've always wanted
one and when I saw this one had Birds on it, I knew it was the one for me! 

I'm trying not to pout... Really I am. Besides, I learned a
long time ago that pouting never works with the Army

Okay! His cupcakes are done and I think a little icy-Blue
frosting is just what my edible Snowflake decorations need

They're just too cute!

You know what they taste like? Communion wafers!

Sweet communion wafers!

I'll need more of these Edible snowflakes!


  1. Janet, I see you baked your cupcakes in your fancy cupcake liners. Did youuse the muffin tin? ha ha!

    Those snowflake sprinkles are too cute- I love the final product and all the different shade of blue!

    Sorry that's the reason you're having to celebrate Christmas early. I wish your boy was going to be home with you-- and safe!

  2. Those cupcakes are beautiful!!!! And don't even get me started on the pumpkin sugar cookies...

    I think I'm gaining weight just drooling over your baked goods.

    Your staircase looks amazing. I hope you enjoy a very nice Thanksgiving. Take full advantage of every minute you have with your family.

  3. Your cupcakes are WONDERFUL!!! And that stand is gorgeous. And the color is divine!!

    You are skilled my girl!


  4. Ok, I must have those adorable snowflake decorations. Crud. Now I won't rest til I have them. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Janet those cupcakes are simply amazing! I love checking out your creations. I wish I had your talent!

    Michele Thornton Fitzsimmons


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