Friday, October 10, 2008

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Jefferson's Monticello
Do yourself a Favor and click to Enlarge any photo
I recommend taking a Very close look at Jefferson's study 
Jefferson's Book room - He once told John Adams, "I cannot live without Books"
Many of the books are in the 7 different languages that Jefferson spoke
Jefferson was Brilliant. An inventor, the House is full of things he designed
Jefferson's Study - there on the left you see the Bed in the exact spot where
Jefferson died on July 4th 1826. President John Adams died four hours later...
Ironically, James Monroe also died on July 4th (1823). On his desk, you see there on
the left a five-sided book stand Jefferson designed. He wrote over 20,000 letters and
used to like to Keep five books open at a time to refer to while writing. In the center of the
desk you see Jefferson's polygraph - it has two pens so that an Exact copy of Jefferson's writing
would be made as he wrote. Standing in this room took my Breath away and I fought back tears
A replica of the Spherical sundial Jefferson designed sits on the North 
terrace at Monticello. The whereabouts of the Original are unknown - Pity.
This is the rear of Monticello and what you See on your Nickle
Underneath the house we saw many Interesting displays
As well as the Kitchen!
Love, love, love it
A multi-burner Cook station - Wow!
The grounds at Monticello are almost as stunning as the House
And the View - Priceless
Jefferson Family Cemetery - Note that Tree!
Click on the photo to enlarge - it's worth seeing
Jefferson's burial site
A fitting tribute to a Great man, wouldn't you Say?
We learned something about Jefferson today... What? Well, the man I love
was born on his Birthday - Yes, April 2nd! I was born on Richard Nixon's birthday (and
Darn proud of it). So now we know we Both share a President's birthday
Why Jefferson is buried a mile from his Beloved home
I'm glad we skipped the shuttle back to the Visitor's center and decided to walk the 
mile or so back because on the Shuttle we would have missed this Treehugger!
That's the end of Day one of our Adventure! We have a 5:30AM wake-up call so I better get some
sleep. Although, as excited as I am about our White House tour I doubt I'll get much sleep. On the
News this evening it was said that the President will give a speech from the Rose garden in the morning...
I sure do hope we get a glimpse of him. But truthfully, just knowing he will be there during our Tour is enough!

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