Monday, October 27, 2008

I got Mine! Pottery Barn loves Me...

I've been watching these Stretched canvas pieces at Pottery Barn on-line hoping they would Go on sale (like the three Scalloped umbrellas I ordered did just five Minutes after they Arrived) but when I saw that one of them in the series of three Sold out last week I decided to pull the Trigger and order the two I really wanted.

When I first saw them a few months ago, right after we Painted the bedroom this Gorgeous color, I knew they'd look as Amazing as they do Tonight hanging on the wall. Love, love, love them!

The Coliseum arrived with a Smudge on it that cannot be Removed so I've asked them to ship a Replacement - It'll be here Next week. The only other strange and Unexpected thing about them is that on-line these are Shown year-dated and they are not. The rep I Spoke with tonight promised to Check on that and call me back. He said the year on these Pieces in the photos on-line may just be part of the Props. Hum... OH! And, how great does the Thomasville lamp I picked up at their Labor Day sale look next to my Chair!? It looked Great on my desk too but when I brought it into the Bedroom tonight I realized it was Meant to sit next to my Chair! This weekend, the Thomasville Outlet is having another Sale. Now you know where I'll be this Saturday...

So now the little Reading area I created for myself in our Bedroom is complete. My only regret is that I didn't buy two of these Thomasville Felicity slipcover chair and Ottoman sets when they were Still available. And, I can't say I don't regret not buying the other matching (and last) Felicity end Table they had because I do. Of course, I was reminded, Yet again, that I'm running out of Space for new Furniture so maybe it's a Good thing I stopped buying when I did! Maybe.

Cannot wait to curl up with a Good book!

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