Thursday, October 9, 2008

James Monroe's Highlands

We tossed Patrick Henry off our Agenda this morning after learning that James Monroe's home is located just 2.25 miles from Monticello. We had to fit it in, and we're so Glad we did! Imagine this being your driveway... One word for this Countryside. Gorgeous!

Monroe's View from the Gardens
The left side of the house is the Original Monroe house. What 
you see on the right (Yellow) is what was added by the second
owner after a portion of the Original house burned down
Monroe kept his office for the Plantation (on the left) outside
of his Home. The building on the right is the Slave's quarters
Office, slave's quarters and Smoke house
In this bed James Munroe died in New York ten months after
his Beloved died. He burned their correspondence within hours
of her Death and then went to visit his Daughter and son-in-law who
lived in Manhattan because he could no longer stand to Live at Highlands
without her. It was during that visit that Monroe died - of a Broken heart it's said...
Washington crossing the Delaware 
Underneath the House we saw the candle making room
And the kitchen
Well hello, Mr. Peacock!
Statue of President Monroe at the end of a path - this is the 
View from the front door of the Monroe house
Mr. Peacock followed me around for a while... And I didn't mind one bit!

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