Thursday, October 9, 2008

The A.A.F. Tank Museum, Danville, Virginia

Now that's a Souvenir!
First stop this morning was the A.A.F. Tank Museum in Danville, Virginia. For twenty Years this museum was located in New York. Five years ago this huge Building was donated and the Museum was moved to Danville, VA. The museum houses 114 tanks and military weapons of every kind and more uniforms, insignia, Posters, headgear and Photos than I could count. And, the lady in the PX said the owner has another 3,000 uniforms in Storage he's yet to put on display. Come take a Look - it's not all Tanks!
This is something I did not expect to see...
When I woke up this morning I had no idea I would  
stand in Front of a Gown owned by Hitler's wife
Life's funny this Way sometimes...
A German Panzer (tank)
Tracked anti-Aircraft gun
Lots of Interesting displays
I'd love to own this One!
This one wouldn't fit into the Garage though...
Look! A submarine
This is the First American made Tank. There are only 12 known to exist
The PX - not exactly my kind of Giftshop!


  1. Hi,
    The first american made tank is actually a french one :)

    this is a Renault FT-17 from 1917.

  2. Do you know that I literally live like 10 minutes from this museum and have never been there. Goodness. I need to go check it out


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