Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back to Arlington House (Custis-Lee Mansion)

By the time we made it up to the Custis-Lee mansion on Friday afternoon it had closed so it was first on the Agenda for Saturday. First, LOOK at this weather! We had amazing Weather the whole trip. More agreeable conditions Do not exist!

We found the mansion under Restoration, which truthfully was almost as Thrilling as finding the house fully Furnished and decorated. The intention of this Restoration and renovation is to Bring the house back to the way it was during the time the Lee family lived there. Of course, we will be Back to see it again! To learn more about this Fascinating treasure go here

That is the grave of Pierre L'Enfant - He helped design Washington, DC
I'd say this is a Very appropriate View for for him!
General Lee
Restoration on the first Floor is in high gear
Now that's a Door!
View from second floor Bedroom - Originally, this was a dressing
room but as the Lee family grew the room was divided into a bedroom for Two of
the children. Being the only room Without a fireplace it was likely very cold in the winter
In this Parlor, under one of the arches between the parlor
and Dining room, General Lee and his bride were wed
White Parlor
One of two Twin carved fireplace mantles
Lee's Bedchamber
Love the light in this room - And, so did Mrs. Lee. This is one of 
the few rooms she could read in late into the day in Fall and winter

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