Friday, October 3, 2008

Let's go to the Fair!

Long ago, before the towns of Winston and Salem merged, there was a Fair in the area. What is now known as the Dixie Classic Fair began as a grain exhibition in Salem in 1882. The Piedmont Tobacco Fair started 15 years later, and the two Fairs joined to become the Winston-Salem Fair. The Fair moved to the current Fairgrounds in 1952 and in 1956, the name was changed to the Dixie Classic Fair for Northwest North Carolina - And, that's where you could find us Tonight - at the 126th annual Dixie Classic Fair...

The Ferris Wheel is my Favorite ride!
Not too fast, not too Slow... The Ferris Wheel is just right to 
take in the Sights and sounds of the Fair from a bird's-eye View!
It's this kind of Ride that makes me Throw up!
Notice the Moon just above the Candy shack...
John Deer churning up the Best ice cream
Wow! I hope no one has to Sneeze!
The Republicans were there...
And, we watched this Guy demo his grater and Cookware - I wonder 
just how many of those $600.00 sets they Sell each year at the Fair
North Carolina honey!
And, produce arrangements...
Now that's a Pumpkin!
I think this is the First petting zoo I've ever
visited where there was a Camel!
We saw some Magnificent birds in the
Poultry and Pigeon barn... Like this One!
and this Puffy little Pigeon...
This was my Favorite!
Roses! Lots and lots of Beautiful roses

Green beans and other canned Veg
 I enjoy the Photography exhibit - Look there! I'm not the only one who 
Feeds a raccoon every night... See proof in the Top right photo!
Elementary school crafts and Art - Very nice!

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