Thursday, October 30, 2008

I never Give up!

You probably don't Remember, (because you are Sane and un-obsessed) but I've been haunted for almost a Year by my Failure last November to produce Italian Pizzelle cookies. It was made worse last Weekend when I passed stacks of gift boxed Pizzelles at Costco because I swear I could hear those little Buggers mocking me!

So, on Monday, after I read Susan's Blog post at Food Blogga I decided there might be hope for me yet and set out to Find the exact same Pizzelle maker she has, vowing that when I find it I'll only use her dear father's recipe. Wouldn't you know it though... The Pizzelle maker Susan uses, with the most Fantastic design on it ever, is one that is Discontinued and no longer available. In her Blog post Susan tells us that she received it as a Gift from a fellow Food blogger, which is quite wonderful for her but, Hey! What about me?!

You know how much I enjoy a good shopping Challenge so for four days now I've been hunting this Pizzelle maker. On Monday I thought I found it and ordered one through AAW on-line (Above All Wholesale) which specializes in close-out and Discontinued items - and... Although the Pizzelle maker pictured on their site is the same model Susan has with the Scandinavia Tree (of life) design, and I spoke to the owner of the Business to confirm it was the same and he said it Was, and the manual that came with it is Indeed for the model I wanted, the Pizzelle maker in the box is Not the one!

Anyone need a new, but-Not-quite-the-right-one, Pizzelle maker out there?

Refusing to be defeated by this I called all the ACE hardware stores in this area because I learned they were the Primary retailer for this product (Walmart too but I knew I had zero chance of reaching Anyone there that would comprehend what I am talking about) but no Luck. Having exhausted all other on-line retail Options I finally broke down last night and checked back in at e-Bay. There are two of these Pizzelle makers currently being offered but neither looks Particularly well cared for; and again, knowing me like you do, you know I prefer only Perfect.

So this morning I posted an ad on Craigslist announcing that I'm looking for this Toastmaster Pizzelle/International Cookie maker, and to my surprise, I received 12 e-mails within an hour from the nicest people offering their Advice on where to Find similar Pizzelle makers. And, get this! One woman wrote me offering to let me Borrow her Pizzelle maker, which she explained belonged to her Grandmother, which is why she cannot sell it! All of this prompted me to add a PS to my Craigslist posting letting readers know that I must have that Exact model in the pictures I posted and that I wished to purchase, not Borrow it.

This afternoon I decided I might just have to Search all states on Craigslist but under the first one I picked, Arizona (because John McCain was on my mind) I found it! It's currently living in Phoenix, looks Perfect and seller says it's only been used ONCE! My Pizzelle maker will be shipped in its Original box with the user's guide included - Score! I am so excited I can barely stand it... I offered the seller $10 more than he's asking to compensate for his trouble to Ship it to me and he accepted - I do so enjoy a Good acceptance to my Proposals!

So in a few Days I should have my new Pizzelle cookie maker. I am very, very Excited and looking forward to the same Stellar results Susan got with it, using her Dad's recipe, of course.

Wish me Luck!

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