Sunday, July 27, 2008

New and Old Finds!

I need another Set of Pyrex nesting bowls like we need another Car in the driveway... But I've been watching this one particular set at Dee's Antiques for about three months now so I was determined to Buy it if I was Lucky enough to still find it there. 

Dee buys estates in the Area and what sets her apart from other Dealers is that after she makes her money back, Dee marks all the remaining items from the Estate down by 50%. Love that! So when you come in, Dee or her assistant hands you a flyer that lists all the estates NOT marked 50% off - Everything else in her shop is 50% off and even the estate codes on the flyer not 50% off are still always discounted 20%. The great news is that my bowls were still there, but the not-so-Great news is that the code on them, "DA" was still listed as one of the not-yet-50%-off estates. 

The set was still marked $45.00 and truthfully, given its condition (unused), was not unreasonable. But as I walked around the old Farm house looking at other things it occurred to me that, "DA" might stand for Dee's Antiques (brilliant, I know) and therefore, my bowls might be part of a collection not of an Estate so they may never make it to the 50% mark down. So I went to talk with Dee about them. But before we could get to the matter of the bowls, I had to ask Dee how she was doing since our last visit and about her dad (Dee cares for her elderly father who suffers from Alzheimer's disease), which launched us off into a chat about her recent Beach vacation! 

Dee explained that since her brother, who lives at the Coast full time came over to care for their father for 10-days, she was able to take a Much needed break. During our conversation Dee went out to her truck to grab her digi-cam to show me some of the Fantastic photos she took of the Sunsets from her beach house and of the amazing Oak trees on her property. Any way, it was so nice to Catch up with her and I almost forgot about the Bowls! Almost... 

I started off by offering Dee my card and asked her to ring me when estate code, "DA" comes up on her list of 50% off Estates because the Set of nesting bowl I wanted are Marked with that code. Of course, Dee said she'd call me but she couldn't guarantee the bowls would still be there (the mark of a Good saleslady!) Then she asked me to show her the set because she Thought she could do better Today. Yea! Bottom line, Dee said she would do $28.00 for the set, which was close enough to 50% off for me! So I took them, and I grabbed two other smaller Pyrex bowls that were part of an Estate already marked 50% off. 

I also snapped pictures for you of the Pink nesting set I picked up at Lost in Time a couple of months ago. I really like visiting the Lost in Time antique mall because the turn-over of Items is fast so they Always have something new! We were there last Sunday and picked up a full set of Gym lockers. So fun! The stack stands almost 8-feet tall and has 7, cubbie-style lockers just like we had in School. Each locker has vent holes on all sides, a number plate on the front and place for a padlock - It's out in the garage now and is the perfect organizer for our shoes, suntan lotions, our beach towels and the terry Chaise covers I use out by the Pool! Of course, getting the Boys to put their shoes Away is still a work in progress, but we're getting there! 

Speaking of boys... When I went into Brandon's room (aka my home office/guest bedroom while he was away at College) to set up my new Thomasville lamp on Friday, I noticed a huge pile of his clothes covering my Pink slipper chair. Even his hanging dry cleaning was lumped into this Dump-pile. So I asked him about it...  And, Brandon's reply? "Oh, that's my closet since my closet is Full of your Junk." First of all, Junk? Second of all, that weak answer is what's supposed to pass as an Excuse for not putting away his Clothes these days? So I fixed his wagon, and in the process, I discovered an old Find of mine!

So I organized his closet... and Guess what? Although I do keep our winter Feather beds and my supply of down Pillows, my note card and stationary sets and the laser printer I rarely use in there, the closet still has Plenty of room for Brandon's clothes! ALL of my stuff is either on the floor of the closet or in organizer bins lined up on the shelf. There was absolutely no reason Brandon couldn't Hang up his clothes! Are you surprised? I'm not! 

Nevertheless, organizing his closet did net me the discovery of a Tray I bought two+ years ago at Salem Creek. I bought it because it was part of their Guest bedroom display and since I was buying up all the decorative throw Pillows on the display bed, I took the Tray too. But while I decorated Brandon's bed with all the pillows, I didn't see the tray Fitting into the room so I put it away in the closet. Seeing it again yesterday I Realized it would look great on my Dresser and work nicely as a spot to Park all my perfume bottles. If nothing else, the tray will make it Easier for me to move all my perfume Bottles when I dust my Dresser each week! Now that it's out, I kinda regret not using it sooner. Thanks, Brandon! 

Okay, on to the Bowls...        
This is the Pink set I discovered at Lost in Time
They are unused and Perfect and look Great in my kitchen
Teal-print bowls from Dee's - They don't match but the
larger one is perfect for beating Eggs and the small one
was just too cute to pass up! And, at 50% off, I couldn't!
This is the Set I was after. I love the Bird motif!
So sweet!
They look as Great in my cabinet as I imagined they Would
An old Find made New again!
Moving the Bottles won't be such a Pain anymore

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  1. Janet...Hi, it's Susan:) I'm not sure you check for "OLD" comments from your posts but I just HAD to comment on the teal bowls...My mom had those SAME bowls when I was growing up!! It kicked up a wave of nostalgia when I saw them:) She was not a "saver" of anything, sentimental or not. My dad used to kid that if he had been flushable, she would have gotten rid of him long ago! I am the only child that has anything left of their babyhood (that's not really a word but I don't care!) and I don't know HOW that happened. I think it just happened to be a box she packed and never got unpacked in one of our many(MANY)moves over the years! Anyway, when my grandma died, she let me have some of grandma's stuff. I do have the pyrex casseroles that are in that teal color and a bunch of nesting bowls in different colors. I also got an antique covered jar thingy (used for jewelry or something maybe??) that was listed in an antique price catalog for $250 and that was 15 yrs ago. I love antiques. My sister says "why would I want someone else's stuff?" but I LOVE the history and story that goes with the item! She just doesn't get it.

    I just had to share. I will email you later or tomorrow. I am reading your whole's really ALL I've done today. My hip has been acting up after the cookie baking on Tuesday so I've been taking it easy and just reading today. I am enjoying it more than I can convey!! Thank you:)



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