Friday, July 18, 2008

Christmas in July!

Christmas came early today when I learned that Brandon was eligible for his very own Insurance policy with USAA. As of today, we are No longer responsible for Brandon's car insurance. WooT! 

The nice man at USAA told Brandon he's eligible for USAA dependant membership through my 26-year relationship with them, which of course is only possible because of my Father's 47-year relationship with USAA. My dad became a member in 1961, just before he married my mother in March of 1962. I have always been grateful to have USAA on my side and have never forgotten that it's only because of my Dad's sacrifice and service to his Country. That's why Brandon's disregard for the benefit and the Law where his speeding is concerned Bothers me as much as it does. God knows Brandon's done nothing to Earn the benefit, the same way I did nothing to earn it! So losing my USAA insurance because of his stupidity was Not going to happen, and is exactly why I fought so hard and agreed to do Whatever the court told us to do to get the Prayer for Judgement we needed to prevent USAA from dropping us after the Last ticket Brandon brought home.

Membership with USAA has Big, Big benefits that extend to all areas of our Life - Car insurance, homeowner's insurance, brokerage, savings and checking accounts, Life insurance products, mortgages and credit cards, all at unbelievable Low rates. Over the years we've taken advantage of everything USAA offers. So if Brandon wants to keep it he'll have to manage his Speed and do everything he knows he Must do to Drive sensibly.

So now it's up to him. Today Brandon begins his association with USAA - as a Twenty-year old young man who has just acquired a car the Insurance industry regards as higher risk, Brandon enjoys ridiculously low Insurance with no payment up front and it'll only get Better the older he gets and the longer he goes without a Problem. 

On we Go! 

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