Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rain, rain Go away!

Got chased out of the pool by Thunder, lightening and a whole lot of Rain this afternoon...
So I grabbed my Camera and my Umbrella and went for a Walk!
There's something Special about a Garden in the rain
Splish, splish, splish...
Dots of Sunlight on the Hostas by the pond
They Glow!
Hosta blossoms - smell Amazing!
Here comes the Sun!
They don't seem to Mind the rain...
Love the way the Moss has taken over this Birdbath
The creek
I'm being Watched!
More hostas
The last time I walked down this Trail in the rain
a frog hopped onto the top of my foot - I'm wearing 
flip-flops agin so I think I'll skip it!
The new Sunlight is providing this Little hosta its own Spotlight!
When the rain stopped Steam came 
up off the grass and the road
The Black-eyed Susan love the Rain!
And, so do I... But on days while I'm at work, Please!

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