Friday, July 25, 2008

Who buys a $100 lamp?... Silly man!

Ah... Friday! And, Friday off from work... Even better. Sale at the Thomasville Outlet... The Best!

Bingee and I started our Friday morning off in the usual way; snuggled up together until 10:30, which was nice. I left him to snooze a bit longer while I showered and got ready to go but had to disturb him to strip the sheets off the bed. Poor Bing... After I got the laundry started I dashed over to Thomasville. I received a Flyer in the mail this week from my favorite sales lady over there announcing a Sale so I had to go... Of course the only way I can buy more furniture is to move one of the boys out into their own apartment (Now there's an Idea!) and give them what we already have because the last thing we need is more furniture. But I couldn't not go so I decided I'd just look and focus on finding a lamp instead. I brought my desk lamp into the Bedroom to put on the new Table next to my fabulous new chair. So my desk needed a New lamp. And, boy did I find one... It's Perfect! The clear crystal base Allows for an unobstructed view out the window and the rectangular shade looks Very smart, and it weighs a ton. Retail on it was $225.00 but at the Outlet and today, on Sale I paid only $89.00. Yea! Of course, when I told him what I picked up he said, "Shame on you, who buys a $100.00 lamp?" Hello, McFly? There isn't a lamp in this house I paid less than $100.00 for - but of course, he does Not know that. When I got home this afternoon I found the new Shades I ordered from Pottery Barn for the bedroom were delivered. Again, not about to share with him how much Those cost!

I took a few photos at the Outlet for you. They now have the Sage Felicity sofa and chair on the floor so I asked about getting the Sage slipcover for my chair and ottoman but they've sold out. Poop! I also saw a beautiful blue velvet sofa I like, but again - no room at the Inn, so I had to leave it there.  

Any way, I've just put the new Shades on the bedside lamps and they Look great! The square shape is Better suited to the lines of the new bed and match the Lamp shade on the table. The round shades were fine but these are Better and the bright white linen compliments the New paint color we chose for the walls. 

Now I'm off to throw dinner together. I stopped at the Market for Carolina jumbo Shrimp, garlic, butter, lemons, Parmesan and Penne and a Peach torte for desert. After dinner we're going to see Wall-E again. We enjoyed that Film so much the first time and want to See it again!

Happy Weekend! 

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  1. BTW...I just had to comment on the bedroom wall really DOES make the new bedroom set POP! Such a great choice. LOVE it. See, I have been reading it all day:)



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