Friday, June 27, 2008

Picking Colors...

We are terrible at picking paint colors and that's why in 23-years of marriage we have only NOT used white paint in four rooms of all the homes we've ever lived in. So after deciding to paint the bedroom so the new furniture will pop, and spending more in sample paints over the past two weeks than two gallons of premium paint costs, he said, let's just find out what George Washington painted his bedroom and go with that! So we headed over to Sherwin Williams to take a look at their Mount Vernon Estate collection. I took a piece of molding from the TV cabinet but we still couldn't decide. We left with another 2 quarts of samples and hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to make a decision. Wish us luck!
So many choices... How does anyone decide?
From the paint store we headed over to the Bird store
to pick out a couple of new birds to fill the void in the 
house left by Snow's death on Monday. Sadly, we're no
better at picking birds than we are at picking paint colors!
Love the Love birds but they are far Too noisy!
Finally, we settled on these two cuties... 
Meet Leonard and Sheldon! Named for our 
favorite characters on the sit-com Big Bang Theory...
Leonard is on the left and that's Sheldon on the right.
I hope they're happy with their new home and that
we are able to enjoy them for a long, long time. Oh! The 
owner of the Bird store told me that albino parakeets 
do not usually live very long so it's likely that Snow
just died of natural causes. I feel a little better now...

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