Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I love it!

I couldn't help myself... I had to go back to the Thomasville furniture outlet for the Felicity chair and ottoman. I've been watching that chair and ottoman set for two years and really should have bought it when we bought the bed and armoire on Memorial Day but I didn't want to press my luck... After all, it's not every day he's in the mood to shop for furniture! Recall my Memorial Day post on 05/26 and (See!!) the Felicity mantle bed and armoire we picked up for only $800 that retailed for over $7,000. Love it! The bed and armoire look AMAZING in our room - See?

Nevertheless, I talked him into going back for the Felicity chair and ottoman this weekend. Of course, the first words out of his mouth were, if you had said something on Memorial Day we would have saved 20%. Oh well... Who cares, and what's $80 when you're saving $900? For a similar chair/ottoman set Pottery Barn wants $1,300. And, retail on the Felicity chair and ottoman at Thomasville was $1,400 too but at the outlet the chair is $295 and the ottoman only $95. Yea!

So I finally got my chair and ottoman (they will be here tomorrow) - AND, I bought the slipcover set for it in the beautiful Tiffany-teal color that's part of the collection too. I love that color (see the sofa in that color in my 05/30 post) but I'm afraid to commit to it so with the slipcover option I can keep the chair and ottoman in the neutral color I ordered (sea salt) and put the slipcover on if I decide to change things up. Also, if he's serious about painting the bedroom I may decide I love the teal better, depending on the wall color we pick... So who knows? All I know is that having options works best for me and since the slipcover for the chair was only $50 and the slipcover for the ottoman was only $25, I had to have them. They also have a pretty mossy green I might have to have too!

Which so brings me to the point of this post... Once again, I didn't want to press my luck Saturday so I didn't tell him that I was feeling like I really couldn't live without the matching table. And, since my saleslady said they have another 20%-off sale planned for the last week of August for Labor Day, I thought I had time. But when I called to see how many tables they have left yesterday I found I'm out of time since they are all gone. Thomasville still makes this table but the white finish option is Discontinued and worse, what is on the floor at the outlet is all that's left. So I had no choice... I asked my saleslady to pick the best one of the last two left and charge me for it. I am so glad I did! Now I really can't wait to get my chair and ottoman - with them and this table in the bedroom I've created the perfect spot to curl up to watch TV, read or play on my laptop - and the fact that this beautiful table gives me another spot to store and display things is a Complete bonus!
I brought in my desk lamp - it'll do until
I can find the right one
Love, love, love it!
The finish matches all the bedroom furniture...
Obviously, it was meant to be!
My saleslady said they got a Big truck in today and that
there are lots more pieces of the Felicity collection coming in...
I may have to go back!

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  1. hi. i love your blog. great pictures too. my husband cracked up at your ann coulter quote!!!
    i have a question to ask about your felicity slipcover set. i adore it!!! would you email me at kimhsok@hotmail.com so i can ask you via email PLEASE!!!!
    kim 781.342.5136


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