Saturday, June 14, 2008

One of only Six!

What do you a get a man that has everything (again, everything being me) for Father's Day?

Remember the concert we went to? Well, it turns out that the nice lady at the Piedmont Wind Symphony office thought he might enjoy one of only Six concert posters signed by Arturo Sandoval and all of the members of Three Dog Night! I couldn't believe it when I got it in the mail last week... When I called to thank her she said that it was the least she could do since she was unable to get his album signed. She explained that she tried, but one of the guitar players put up a fuss about being asked to sign things so all they were able to get (signed by everyone) were six of the promo posters. So she sent one to me... Wow! Usually, I'm the one selflessly aligning planets to help make other people happy - Sure does feel nice to have someone do it for me!

Any way, I took the poster to be mounted, matted and framed and think it'll make the Perfect father's day gift tomorrow. Yea!

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