Saturday, June 28, 2008

One thing is for Certain...

Not painting the bedroom is no longer an option!
As the light changes so do the colors... 
So what I like in the morning I can't stand in the evening!
And, what looks great next to the chair doesn't look
so hot next to the bed! That's it... I'm going downstairs to 
find a dart to throw at the wall. Where it lands is my color!

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  1. Actually, three things are for certain... First, I'm probably too late to help you with your decision, for it is now a whole week after your post. Second, yes, you MUST paint your bedroom. Third, I (yes, little old me, a perfect stranger) LOVE the colors you chose to decide from. I (yes, little old me) think that if you continue on in the pleasant pattern of your canvas,using ALL of the colors, you would have the most beautiful bedroom I could imagine! Thank you for the inspiration!!
    p.s - I appreciate your use of the capitalization of certain words in your blogs... God Bless You!


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