Monday, June 9, 2008

Check that off the List!

I was the only student that brought latex gloves to work in, but I can't help it - to me, feeling my fingers stick together is like wearing an itchy sweater. That aside, I did manage to finish within the allotted time and my Butterfly received rave reviews from the instructor and my class. Everyone also liked my Martha Stewart cupcake carrier, which doubles as a pretty nifty cake carrier. Nevertheless, I'm still checking this activity

The required elements of the assignment were to mix up and use four different decorating colors plus black to outline the indentations of our cake design. We used the number 4-rope tip to outline and the number 18-star tip to decorate.

Oh! Turns out that taking photos during class is not an issue since I'm not the only Blogger there. Several of my classmates were documenting the experience. Next week we'll learn how to make 15 different types of flowers and create clowns and baby booties to decorate cake squares and cupcakes. Thank goodness I have a week to rest up!

Outlining my Butterfly
two hours later a Butterfly was Born - And, it tasted Good too!

This classmate created Winnie the Pooh This woman's husband is Serving Kuwait - Great cake!

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