Monday, June 23, 2008

A bit of Sad news...

Snow died today... I have no idea why - Brandon just called me at work to say that when he went into the den this afternoon he found Snow lying on the bottom of her cage. I asked him if she might just be sleeping, but Brandon said, "The bird's dead, Mom." 

I always said that because Snow picked me and I never really wanted a bird I wouldn't get another one when she expired. However, that was right after I was told she could live to be fifteen and I invested in this huge new cage for her. And, before I got roped into holding $150 in store credit at the Bird store where Brandon ended up returning his bird after he realized he didn't have the time it required - No cash refunds... store credit only. And, yes, that was me resisting the urge to tell him, I told you so. So I guess I'll either get another bird or find someone that wants a really nice flight cage and some store credit at the Luv-N-Birds bird shop!

We buried Snow in the garden this evening in a biodegradable lunch bag... I'm okay with giving her back to the earth. Unlike Herman, my hamster, who was buried in a very heavy glass pickle jar behind my dad's motor-pool in Frankfurt and is most likely still there. I was thirteen and very concerned that bugs might get to her so I used a whole roll of electrical tape to ensure the lid wouldn't somehow come unscrewed four feet underground. 

I enjoyed Snow very much and will miss her singing every time the phone rings... 

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