Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh, how I've missed It!

Just home from seeing Sex and the City and it was Divine! I didn't realize how much I've missed it until tonight... I have really missed it! The film was perfect. However, I must say that in the company of strangers, I would have preferred to see less actual Sex and more City. Nevertheless, the Carrie and Big story-line was Perfect, the humor appropriate - Mexicoma, how cute is that!? And, the shoes (the Shoes!) and the fashion was Fantastic!

Although I'm thrilled that during our time apart Carrie has apparently managed to kick her nasty chain-smoking habit, the one thing missing was the necklace she always wore in the HBO series. But... she's forty... it's been five years... lots has happened... so I guess the necklace could have been misplaced. But she managed to still have the Tutu dress. The tutu dress! So why not the necklace?

Any way, necklace issue aside, the film got to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven't been moved to tears at the movies since Cold Mountain but this one got me... Big time!

When he noticed tears rolling down my cheek I told him it was just the Closet. Trust me. You'll understand when you see it... It was (wink, wink) the closet! Sigh...

Sex and the City, the movie. Fabulous!

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