Monday, November 18, 2013

Make your Cookies Sparkle with Sanding Sugar!

As a companion to my 24-piece Decorating Kit, I've put together
a 6-piece Sanding Sugar Kit to help you add that magical sparkle
to your cookies that only comes from beautifully colored sugars!
Using sanding sugar is one of my most favorite ways to decorate cookies!
It's exactly like working with Elmer's Glue and Glitter in kindergarten...
Except it's perfectly okay to eat this project when it's completed!
There are several ways to use sanding sugar; however, I mostly use the
flocking method. This technique of applying sanding sugar to wet royal
icing is referred to as Flocking because after the icing dries, the sugar
takes on the appearance of flocked velvet. Flocking not only adds a
tremendous amount of sparkle, it produces an interesting texture too!
I especially like the combination of allowing some elements of my
designs to dry smooth while flocking others - Such as I did with
this charming little ladybug above and the chubby pumpkin below!
Once the flocked area has dried a little, I use a soft pastry brush to
to remove any stray crystals from the unflocked areas of my cookie!
This little bit of clean-up helps my designs pop and ensures there won't
be any loose sugar to get in the way of my packaging later! Following are a
few of my latest projects featuring sanding sugars. First up, we have these
bugs I created using my vintage Martha by Mail Beautiful Bugs set. Yes, I
am aware that I should be knee deep in Christmas cookies but I couldn't
help it... Seeing the last few leaves drop has made me eager for Spring!
I know, I know... We must give Winter her due. And, to prove
that I will, I have these cookies to share with you. As you can see,
I used fine silver sanding sugar on the blades of these ice skates!
Because the holidays seem to pass as quickly as they arrive, I
selected sanding sugars for my kit in colors that will carry
you through Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day too!
And, just like my 24-piece Decorating Kit, my Sanding Sugars
Kit also comes packaged in this cute little bakery-style box!
To purchase these kits visit my store by clicking here
Just to prove that I am participating in the spirit of the winter
holidays, I have one more set of cookies to share with you...
I hope you've enjoyed seeing how sanding sugars can enhance the
appearance of decorated sugar cookies. Remember, I'm always here
if you have questions. In the meantime, from my kitchen to yours...

Want to see how my friend David put my decorating kit to work? Check out his amazing cookies here!


  1. Oh Janet just what I need on a cold Monday morning, some super sweet cookies to cheer things up! Beautiful as all of your work always is!! xx

  2. I think I need to try some cookies I can decorate. I haven't made them in 20 years. I think a quick prayer is in order.

  3. Janet, Just placed my first order on Oui Sugar! What a beautiful Store! Love, Love, Love the teal background color and the lovely crown logo! Very excited about the lovely set of sanding sugars! They are the perfect colors! I've also been looking for those narrow neck decorating bottles and there they were just waiting for me on Oui Sugar! Can't wait to bake up some Cat and Mouse cookies too!

    Your cookies are GORGEOUS as always! Love your beautiful bugs, pumpkins, ornaments and especially those Ice Skates!

    Thanks for continuing to INSPIRE all of us cookie bakers out there!


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