Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Special Delivery of Chestnut Hill Coffee from Heritage Home!

Last night I shared an incredible cranberry bread mix with you, which by the
way also included a giveaway. However, that was only half the story...
Because I enjoyed that cranberry bread with a very special coffee sent
to me by none other than my friend, David! You see, after David and I
launched our on-line marketplaces, the first order of business was to
hand-select a few goodies from our respective inventories to exchange
so that each of us could experience the other's packaging and products!
In addition to sending me a set of his charming Bee & Hive copper
cookie cutters, David also gifted me two sacks of his locally roasted
Chestnut Hill Coffee! However, what David didn't know, is that I
have not enjoyed a cup of coffee in more than thirty-five years!
As a child growing up in Germany, most weekends were spent with my Oma
and other members of my mother's family. We'd meet at Oma's for coffee and
pastries where the first order of business was to pick out a cup, saucer and plate
from her big china cabinet. I had two favorites and always made sure to beat
my brother and cousins to the cabinet to ensure I would get to them first!
Of course, the coffee we were served wasn't actually coffee, it was
Karo-Kaffee, a caffeine-free, roasted grain beverage widely used as a
coffee substitute. Manufactured by Nestlé and first introduced in West
Germany in 1954, Karo-Kafee was referred to as Kinder-Kaffee (children's
coffee) and I loved it! Of course, what actually ended up in my cup was more
cream and sugar than coffee, but it was great and something I'll always remember!
After the Captain retired, we left Germany and my Oma forever. Life in the states
was very different. No more Sunday afternoon coffees and I never saw Karo-Kaffee
again. I had no desire to replace it with real coffee as an adult and coffee in general
became like gasoline... I enjoy the smell but would never drink it! When my Oma
passed away, my mom asked me if there was anything I wanted her to bring me that
belonged to my Oma. I asked for whatever blanket my Oma last slept with and my
two coffee sets. Since 1990, these cherished pieces of Bavarian china have been mine!
And, David's lovely gift of Chestnut Hill coffees deserved to be enjoyed in
my beloved Oma's cups, along with a couple of slices of cranberry bread!
It was worth the thirty-five year wait! David has selected truly
spectacular coffee blends to share with you through his wonderful
on-line store, Heritage Home! Aromatic, rich, and incredibly
mellowlicious... Which is totally a real word to describe fine coffee!
You deserve Chestnut Hill Coffee so order some today!


  1. Not only am I glad that you enjoyed the coffee with some wonderful cranberry bread, but I'm so honored that you used those cherished cups of yours! They are truly gorgeous pieces and you must cherish them as much as your Oma did. Gems for sure to be handed down to your family!

    A cup of coffee on a pretty cup is one of my favorite pastimes.

    LOVE IT!!!! Enjoy your weekend my friend!

  2. I was licking and sipping and dreaming, what a beautiful blog post! What a great friend and trip down memory lane! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I do SO love my morning coffee! I will have to place an order for this special brew, based on your review, Janet!
    I have no special china cup from which to enjoy it, but love my Disney mug my younger son brought home for me when the choir went on tour to Disney World. It's a Minnie Mouse mug, with her looking a bit disheveled, and the message on it reads; Mornings Are Not Pretty. When he saw what it said, he knew he had to get it for me. That's one of my favorite sayings!
    While I don't have cranberries to try your recipe, I do have gingerbread on my mind today. What better way to make a home smell wonderful?
    Thanks for sharing your memories!

  4. But but but I stutter, you don't like coffee - except you do!! You just needed some of David's special coffee. I love your beautiful cup, and the beautiful story and the memories that that go with it. xx

  5. What a special treat for you. My morning and evening coffee helps my breathing and I so enjoy drinking it out of the mug my children got me years ago for Mothers Day. I can sense the love for your Oma in this post and drinking out of her beautiful cherished pieces is indeed a memorable treasure for you. Thanks for sharing the fine coffee tip with us.


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