Friday, November 1, 2013

A Finally Finished Living Room and our Autumn on Display!

It finally happened... The replacement of the carpet with
hardwood flooring in the living room finally came together!
However, I cannot tell a lie...
It didn't go as smoothly as it has for me in the past...
Fortunately, getting the flooring was the only hard part because
installation was a breeze. Said the person that didn't lift a finger...
And, although I was initially a bit unsure that I'd made the right decision...
Once everything was put back into place...
I was sure!
The room got done just in time too... Because now that Halloween
is behind us, it's time to think about decorating for the holidays! It's
amazing what a difference one week makes. Inside and outside the house!
As you can see from the photo above, last week began with just a touch of yellow!
But this week... Everything around the house is on fire!
And, I love it!
I think autumn is my favorite of North Carolina's four seasons!
Next to Spring, of course...
And summer, as long as we're floating in the pool!
Oh! And winter... As long as it's snowing!
Okay... You got me. I admit to loving all the seasons!
But right now, I'm focused on the view from the front door...
Where the Japanese Maple is beginning to put on its show!
Just wait until next week, because it gets even better from here!


  1. The acers are looking wonderful Janet, and you already know I like the new floor! That little red acer in the back garden is amazing, so bright red, I would be struggling not to pick all the leaves off to try and keep them somehow! Happy halloween for yesterday and happy autumn for all the pretty colours to come. xx

  2. Your maples are as lovely as ever. Seeing yours keeps tempting me to add more and more...I am up to three so far. :D Love love love the one in the back. Do you know the variety? I would love to have a RED RED one for fall...she would compliment my coral bark with her lovely RED RED bark. :D

    1. I promise to look it up for you! We keep a binder that holds ever tag for every plant in our gardens. In fact, we laminate them, which is something I recommend you do too!

      It's so nice to be able to refer to what you have and how to take care of it if you need to know!



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