Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mixing Flavors and Colors with McCormick!

Thanks to my wonderful friend, Dani I am now the happy owner
of this Martha-like canister set from JCP! Last week, Dani blogged
about using one of these jars as a giftable cookie jar and included
the on-line ordering link so that I could buy them too! If you want to
add them to your home you better hurry because the promo code I
found on-line (FALLAIR) to receive 15% off our order expires today!
Today's been a long day; however, after filling my new canisters and poking
through the box of goodies McCormick sent as part of the swag I received
at MIXED last weekend, I was suddenly inspired to bake something!
I love McCormick spices and extracts! I once worked for Household
Credit Services on Schilling Place in Salinas, CA. The road is so named
because it's where the McCormick-Schilling plant is located! As soon as
the plant came into view, I'd roll down my window to take in the aroma
of the day... Always rolling by a bit slower on cinnamon and garlic days!
Needless to say, I was very happy to see McCormick listed as a sponsor
of MIXED - Especially since they were there to share their message of
mixing color with flavor to make already great baked goods even better!
As soon as the incredible Karen Tack of Hello, Cupcake!
fame demonstrated her use of McCormick food coloring to
create sweet and fun surprises inside of cakes and cupcakes...
I knew I wanted to do the same!
So while the rest of America is busy in the kitchen preparing for
Thanksgiving tomorrow, I'm busy creating secret-snowflake cupcakes!
This mini snowflake copper cookie cutter from CopperGifts is perfect!
To honor the McCormick reps who told us More is More, I
decided to add my favorite extract to my cake batter!
Then, to create icy blue snowflakes I added McCormick's blue
food coloring to approximately two cups of the batter and baked it!
If you haven't already, you must check out
McCormick's Food and Color Guide posted here!
While my cupcakes baked, I enhanced the flavor of two tubs
of white frosting by adding 1 teaspoon of raspberry extract...
Because I love raspberry flavored anything!
I can't lie. I was a little nervous about whether or not I
could duplicate Karen's technique of hiding shapes in cake...
But I did!
In fact, after I discovered the first snowflake I wanted to see them all!
Fortunately, my taste-tester stopped me before all I had left were halves!
This was so much fun I think I'll do it again!
Wishing you Happy Holiday Baking with McCormick!


  1. Those look amazing I think I will try these to take to work in December :)

    1. I think you should Bana!! Please remember to show me your creations! xo

  2. Oh Janet, you know that I don't know where to begin right! Amazing, fabulous, wonderful, need I go on!!!! You are so clever and talented, and make everything look so beautiful. I am also loving that sweet ice skate cookie that I spied in the background!! I can't say any more, the !! button won't cope!!! xx

    1. Thank you, dearest Amy - You are always so sweet! xo


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