Saturday, November 2, 2013

A little of this and a little of that... Plus one Pure Butter Dairy Slab!

After my afternoon with Jon Ashton or Our Jon, as he prefers to be called...
I dropped my friend Nikki off at home and then... I took a little walk!
Why?... Because the trees are glowing!
 And you know it's IMMMMpossible for me to pass up glowing trees!
I made the most of the last few hours of sunlight this evening!
I even laid down and looked up at the trees!
It just doesn't get any prettier than this!
I love fall...
But you already know this because we talked about trees just yesterday!
By the way, I meant to tell you... We attended an auction last night! It
wasn't something we had planned, but after seeing a photo of an English
dairy slab listed at a nearby auction, I decided we had to go check it out!
Originally used to hold butter, which in the late 1800's was sold by the
pound at the grocers, these slabs are now highly sought-after collectibles!
I first noticed these slabs in Sharon Osbourne's kitchen during episodes
of the Osbournes on MTV. Every time Ozzy lifted the glass dome to
retrieve a bagel or a piece of bread, I was sure he would break it! Today
you can find reproductions pretty easily; however, back in 2002, it
took me nearly a year to find one of my own that was exactly like Sharon's!
When Williams-Sonoma included a reproduction of a cheese
slab in their line of French bistro kitchen accessories a couple of
years ago, I rushed out to buy one. I keep it here next to my stove!
At the auction my slab was described only as an advertising piece. It
took nearly two hours for my little treasure to finally come up for bid. But
in the end, I was able to wrestle it away from the only other interested
party in the room. Would you like to know how much I ended up paying?
Worth the wait... Wouldn't you say?


  1. Great buy there Janet! Now you have to find a home for it.... or are you going to replace the WS one? Lovely trees you found to admire and photograph. xx

  2. I'm drooling over your find! I'm drooling over the WS one also. :-)
    Great find!


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