Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Concord Foods Cranberry Bread with Fresh Ocean Spray Cranberries - Review and Giveaway!

When Ocean Spray asked if I would review Concord Foods' cranberry bread
mix and use their cranberries, I jumped at the opportunity to give it a try!
You already know how much I love this time of year... The trees are
on fire, the weather is cooler, the biting bugs are gone, all the windows
are wide open and the sound of birds and wind chimes replaces the
hum of our air conditioner that's been running since April! This time
of year also happens to be Cranberry harvesting season and, it's the
only time of year you'll find Concord Foods' cranberry bread mix!
I love a quick and easy bread mix and none is quicker or easier
than this Concord Cranberry Bread Mix! An egg and a little water
is all it takes... However, it wouldn't be cranberry bread without
cranberries so Ocean Spray included both fresh cranberries and their
delicious Craisins, which just happen to be in my freezer all year! One
thing I noticed immediately is that the ingredient list on the side of
the box are all words I could pronounce! Also, this cranberry bread
mix includes orange zest. In my opinion, nothing plays better with
cranberries than orange zest. And chopped walnuts... So I added some!
Of course, I opted to use Ocean Spray's fresh cranberries! What I did
not use was a loaf pan because somewhere along the way I loaned my
favorite Le Creuset loaf pan to a friend and would you believe it... It still
hasn't made it back! Nevertheless, this bread mix is adaptable to any pan
you'd like to use so I picked another favorite, one of my baby Bundt pans!
Tell me...
I know you can't... But the man sitting outside on the deck
sure could! I was lucky to get my lemon glaze mixed up
and drizzled before he grabbed a knife and sliced it up!
It didn't take long for him to deliver a verdict on this cranberry bread
mix... Between slices two and three I was told he was glad I used the Bundt
pan because there was more of that crisp exterior he loves so much. Inside
however, he said the bread was moist, a little savory and there were fresh bits
of cranberry and chunks of walnuts in every bite. In total, this mix is a winner!
I hope you'll stock up on this cranberry bread mix before it leaves
the market in December. There's a great coupon for fresh Ocean
Spray cranberries here to help you put it together and a ton of
fantastic recipes on the Ocean Spray website, such as this yummy
tons of valuable time and delight your family this holiday season!
So about that Giveaway! How about some Fresh Ocean Spray Cranberries, some
Craisins, a box of Concord Foods Cranberry Bread Mix and, a Calphalon loaf
pan? All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me which you'd add
to the mix... Will it be Craisins or Fresh Cranberries? Do tell for a chance to win!

One winner will be selected at random and announced Friday - Good Luck!


  1. Always fresh when they are available!

  2. I would add fresh cranberries. This bread looks wonderful!

  3. I believe I'll add the Craisins! I love Ocean Spray Craisins.

  4. Must I decide between both wonderful additions? OK, then Ocean Spray Fresh Cranberries! What a wonderful Bread loaf you made!

    1. My Walmart Super Center carries the Concord Food bread mix, just came from their website. Thank you for posting the link!

  5. I would add Craisins...because I love them and always have them in the house!

  6. I would add Fresh Cranberries!

  7. Wow! That cake look soo good!!! I would put both The Fresh Cranberries and the Craisins!

  8. Cranraisins I have all the time and love them! However, I would add fresh cranberries because I have never really cooked or eaten them. This bread looks delicious, I can't wait to try it and share with my co-workers. Thanks so much! :)

  9. I'd use fresh since they're available for such a short time.

  10. gotta go with Fresh...that picture is very enticing...did you take it?

    1. I did, Eva... All the photos are mine! Except for the give-away product shots. :) xo

  11. I could smell the bread through my computer monitor!! I'd use fresh cranberries! What an easy and delicious bread for my daughter to make when she's home from college. Thanks!

  12. Fresher is always better. This looks wonderful!

  13. It would have to be fresh, nothing beats them!

  14. This looks delicious! I love to use cranberries every chance I get. They are a super food for the kidneys.

  15. I like craisins

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