Sunday, December 5, 2010

Morning, Snow!

I love the morning after a snow storm... The birds
are busy and there is a brilliant Silence I adore!
 Good morning, Snow!
Yesterday's predicted flurries turned into a pretty decent snow event!
Which makes for a beautiful second Sunday of Advent around here!
The bluebird house in the front yard has been abandoned...
Or has it?
I cannot believe my eyes!
Okay, what are you guys doing here? 
Aren't you supposed to be down on the Bayou?
Or do you just love our Gardens so much you've decided not to
leave? Wait right here... I have a bag of mealworms in the garage!
 It's amazing what a difference a few weeks makes...
A huge difference in fact! 
Three weeks ago the Japanese maples were on fire!
Now, they're on ice! Huh, Bing?
But that's okay...
Because each season brings its own charm to the landscape!
And, I'm all about the Charm!
Happy second Sunday of Advent!


  1. GORGEOUS! Love the contrast of the pretty blue birds in the snow!

  2. I have never seen a blue bird here, although we have them in the state. Those pictures of them are beautiful! I had a huge cardinal on my feeder this morning. I think it was my Grandma popping in to say hi :) (she loved them and I was putting up my cardinal clings when the bird showed up-I think it was a sign, not actually my grandmother...)

  3. You have such a beautiful yard and you take AMAZING pics!! =) Happy Snow Day to you! It snowed here in Cleveland too today =)

  4. Are those REAL birds? I've never seen anything like it. They are incredibly beautiful. I'm loving the birdhouses. Totally charming!

  5. Your photographs of the morning snow are so jaw-dropping beautiful.

  6. I've been dreaming of snow. Beautiful!

  7. It looks so cold and peacefully quiet. Those bluebirds are gorgeous against all that white. What a great little surprise.


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