Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Signs of Spring!

As I left for work this morning I notice
the forsythia has popped in the front yard!
And when I got home tonight, I found our mallard pair in the creek, which is
another sure sign of Spring! Their return is early this year... Usually we don't
see our sweet ducky-pair until May. Not that I'm complaining or anything!
These signs of spring outside inspired me to spend this evening decorating
the console for Easter! Truthfully, as much as I enjoyed it decorated for
Christmas, my first thought when I found the console was what a great
spot it would be to display my Oma's Easter tree! And, you know what?
I was so right!
I first shared the story of my Easter tree here... And, every year I enjoy more!
Last year, my Easter tree was still in the kitchen...
But since I keep adding Easter/Spring-inspired decorations...
My sweet little Easter scene has outgrown my kitchen table!
New this year are three more Williams-Sonoma Steiff collectibles
They are new to Mom's Easter table too since what I love, I also send her!
Clearly, too much for the kitchen table now!
But just right for the living room console table!
Although I do believe I've reached capacity...
Which means I may have to resist collecting any more
until I can find someone to share some of this with!

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  1. Oh, pick me, pick me, please. Share it with me. I love the runner. Where did you get that one? And the Steiff are only available online, right?

  2. Oh, you know I have all my decorations willed to you, silly! ;)

    The runner is last year's Pottery Barn Easter runner. It was $69, but I had a/nother rewards certificate for $25 off.

    Yes, the Steiff collectibles are only available on-line. I linked to them in the post.

    Love you!

  3. Oh I love that you have ducks returning to your property every year! My but your Easter collection has grown since you first made your Easter tree on your kitchen table. The new location for everything is great as is everything on display! I love all your Easter collectibles but the little blue jays and the round yellow chick ornament hanging in the tree are the cutest!

  4. Oh my I love your Easter decorating Janet!!
    Thanks for linking up!

  5. Oh my Janet. That is spectacular. You have such an eye for detail and quality. When I buy my next house, I'm flying you up to be my interior designer. Such lovely things.out

  6. I need to get my Easter decor out ASAP! I always seem to somehow just trudge over this one holiday... and I have some really cute stuff! Not as adorable as your live ducks but still ;)

  7. This is wonderful! I just want to let you know that I have tagged you in my post--it'll be up later on this evening.


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