Thursday, December 22, 2011

Decorating the console at Christmas and beyond...

I have been having such fun hunting down and collecting pieces to
decorate the new console table I found to put behind the sectional!
These mercury pillar holders from Pottery Barn are perfect for my
Christmas decorating. And, I intend to use them with white candles
through what I hope will be a very snowy January, and then replace
them with pink candles for Valentine's Day... Mercury candle holders
are timeless and versatile. I also love that I can put my collection of
monogrammed and decorative table runners to use on the console!
When Williams-Sonoma put out a Steiff chick and bunny for Easter, I had to
have them. And, I had to send a set to mom for Easter too! So of course, when I
saw this little Christmas fawn in the catalog, I had to add it to both our collections!
Standing in front of these lighted mercury trees from Pottery Barn, my
little fawn looks like she is wandering through the forest. And, since
there is my Germany map behind her, surely it's the Black Forest!
Pottery Barn really outdid themselves with the mercury glass this year!
And, while I love Pottery Barn's pinecone candle too, I couldn't resist
this frosted pine tree candle I found at Sur la Table last weekend!
But just when I thought I couldn't add anything more to my
Christmas decoration on the console, I noticed this hurricane!
It took a while to get though. Because you know the rule...
When Pottery Barn offers to monogram, we must always say, Yes, please!
And yes, I had to send one to mom too! She got it today and has already
called to tell me she loves it! Now... My Christmas tablescape is complete!
Before I move on to my other finds for the console I have to show you my orchid!
I picked two up at the Trader Joe's in South Carolina a
month ago and both of them are still alive and thriving!
Speaking of South Carolina... I picked up these bottle toppers and screws
at the Pottery Barn outlet in Gaffney during our black-Friday road-trip
They made perfect office gifts!
I almost kept them!
Okay, on to the other finds for the console!
I found this cloche and rustic metal stand
at Resurrect Antiques in Opelika, Alabama
I love it!
I also found this little owl there. I was so excited because when I
saw one just like it at an antique shop in Asheville, it turned
out to be the only thing in the shop not for sale!
I almost bought one on-line for twice what I paid in Alabama!
I realize that I promised in this post not to buy any more candles,
but these were impossible to resist! Restoration Hardware at the
Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh is closing so everything is half-price!
SpaBoy and I tore it up! It took three trips to the truck and on the
last trip we used a utility cart... But both of us ticked off just about
everything on our wish-lists. I see these on the console in summer!
In my defense, there was a third candle base and an even
taller candle that would have made this duo a trio. But I
resisted buying them...See? The therapy is working!
I can't explain it, but I'm obsessed with glass cloches! And, these
from Restoration have been on my list for a long, long time!
Especially this oval one... You never find oval! I'm looking
for the right pieces to put in them, and when I find them
they are going to look amazing on my console!
There are a few other really fun pieces I picked up at
Restoration, but I think we'll leave those for another day!

What about you? Do you have a table or spot in your home that
you decorate up for the holidays or according to the seasons?


  1. I love all your purchases!! The console table is decorated just perfectly! I can't wait to see it updated after Christmas now. And the new hurricane is fabulous! (I have the large monogrammed one from Williams Sonoma and want a smaller one -- this is perfect! I hope they still have it.)

    BTW, I thought of you the other day when I drove past the town that makes the Country Maid butter braids. :)

    Have a very Merry Christmas Janet!

  2. Hi Janet, What lovely pieces you have for your console!!! I like to decorate my quilt holder that has a shelf on top for the different holidays or seasons. Other than that I like to buy flowers.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Andrea in Calif.

  3. And.... PB still has it! I ordered the large one! I have a built-in cupboard with glass doors and a counter. (The previous home owners called it a butler's pantry but to me, that's a walk-in pantry.) The counter is what I enjoy decorating and always go with glass and crystal.

  4. I was never much of a fan of mercury glass until I saw this, Janet. And, I'm with you; you can never have enough candles!
    Seeing all of this makes me wish I had more room to do the same!


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