Thursday, March 20, 2008

I finally Did it!

It has taken me far too many years to do it but today I finally pulled together what I needed to create my very own Easter tree. I've meant to do this ever since my Oma passed away and my Mom brought back her collection of Easter ornaments from Germany for me, but somehow eighteen years of opportunity have just whizzed right by! 

My lack of execution all these years aside, one of my many favorite memories of spending Easter with my Oma was always seeing the Easter tree she created. Oh, how I used to fiddle with her ornaments and pull all the pussy willow puffs off their stems - By the time little Janet was done, "looking" at Oma's Easter tree there were more forsythia blossoms on the table than on the tree! But my Oma, that sweet, sainted woman never once asked me to leave her tree alone.  

Unfortunately for me I couldn't duplicate Oma's Easter tree exactly since North Carolina seems devoid of pussy willow bushes and you-know-who would have a hissy if I had hacked even one branch off his forsythia bushes - so I had to resort to creating my tree out of faux stems. I'm sure buying faux flowers on the first day of Spring is a sin but the good news is that I'll have them every year going forward!

That doesn't mean I won't be doing a little garden surgery tomorrow morning though because that yellow pot on my table is begging for Daffodils...

Happy, happy Easter!

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