Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthday Cupcakes and Spring Sunshine

It just wouldn't be a birthday without getting into the
kitchen and baking something. Besides, I've waited all
week to get in front of my new marble island too!
So today on the Ranger's birthday, I'm going to bake cupcakes and
do my best to enjoy the day... Despite the fact that we are unable to
celebrate together. How cute are these polka dot baking liners? I
ordered them at and can't wait to use them. The
red ones remind me of ladybugs. And ladybugs always make me smile!
I'm thinking French vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting!
Just for the record... I am going to love my carrara island forever!
Because it's even better than I imagined
carrara marble in my kitchen could be!
A little leftover batter always means there will be mini cupcakes!
So while the cupcakes bake...
And now that the kitchen is clean again...
It's time to get outside in the sunshine!
Because it's a gorgeous day today!
Much too pretty to spend the day inside!
Things all over the garden are beginning to wake up and pop again...
Which makes me incredibly happy!
Springtime is the best time!
Every year this bouquet in the path gets a little bigger...
Which suits me just fine!
Speaking of fine... It's cupcake time!
While they cool I'm going to hang out down here...
And see what's popping up down by the koi pond!
What's popping is the moss! 
Winter was so incredibly mild there are still ferns everywhere!
Again, not complaining!
Besides, I just ordered these vases and I see ferns in them!
The original plan was chocolate buttercream but now that I've been outside and
there's a fire going in the firepit, I just want to get back out there as fast as I can!
So I'm taking the quick, easy way there!
No sifting and fussing with powdered sugar for me!
Not when there's sunshine and a stack
of magazines waiting out there for me!
That was easy!
No one will know it's a mix... Believe me!
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a couple of cupcakes
out to my chief fire-starter and lose myself in my magazines!
And dream a little about the day when...
Our birthday boy will be here to enjoy...
Cupcakes baked in his honor!


  1. Hi Janet!
    Oh I'm just relaxing {trying to feel better from a cold} having some tea and catching up on your blog!
    YOUR KITCHEN ! ! !
    Janet... total WOW factor :o)
    ... I LOVE your marble island!
    Your whole kitchen makeover is fabulous!
    You and Yvonne from Stone Gable gave me the inspiration to go light for my kitchen.
    I really love the look of marble too and ended up finding a granite called Ivory Gold... the slab we found is soooo light... It has a marble-esque look to it...

    There's nothing like real marble!

    Your cupcakes look amazing, Janet! As always, you do know how to bake and make it look great afterward too! I didn't know King Arthur made frosting! It look chocolatey DELICIOUS!
    Brandon and my son, Jason, are only a few months apart! Jason was born in January of 1988.
    He's still working in Austin and we do miss him so! {You certainly know about being apart!}

    I hope spring keeps on blossoming over there! We still have little mounds of snow here and there.
    Blessings to you, always,
    ~ Maria

  2. I'm so anxious for all the snow to melt here and for the first buds of Spring to show. Your place looks down right tropical compared to what I'm looking at LOL.
    No doubt the Ranger is looking forward to Mom's home cooking and baking. Won't be long now :)


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