Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why my Easter Cookies took all day...

I bounced out of bed early this morning, eager to bake Easter cookies
that have been dancing around in my head for a few weeks. But then
I stopped to look out of the kitchen window for a minute and this
view sucked me right outside... I mean everything's so green!
And, I swear I heard my tree say Ooooh, that tickles!
So I stopped thinking about cookies and decided to take a walk!
For nearly twenty years he tried to grow azaleas for me in California...
And for nearly twenty years I wondered what his fascination was with
those crispy little brown bushes... Because that's what azaleas look
like in Monterey, California. But here... Here, azaleas look like this!
And, like this!
Each year his azaleas look better and better!
I almost feel sorry for people who've never
seen azaleas the way they're meant to be seen!
I see the arbor rose has begun to bloom now too!
I love this rose. It always reminds me of...
All the Japanese maples are leafing out too!
It's impossible to pick a favorite! 
But these wispy green numbers are at the top of my list!
I love Spring!
It's one of the benefits of living here...
 And my gardens are the benefit of being
married to an outstanding hobby-gardener!
Don't tell him, but I started this walk armed with a pair of scissors!
But when it came right down to it, I couldn't do it!
I had to leave his tulips in the yard!
I'll make it up to myself later with a couple of bunches from Whole Foods!
I love this view of our two front yards!
Looks like our new neighbor is making good progress on his garden!
Oh, look... Our mallard pair just flew into the back yard for breakfast!
Mister always comes up out of the creek first...
Then he wait for his sweetie to join him...
And then they waddle over to the pond together to
munch up all the cracked corn I put out for them!
Such a cute couple!
I wish they would hang out with us all day. But
they usually only drop by for breakfast and dinner!
As much as I would love to spend the day outside, I
simply must get cracking on my cookies! Huh, Leo?
Besides, Army dad is in the den laying new hardwood flooring...
So it's not like we could relax outside together today!
So while he installs flooring, I may as well bake some cookies!
But not just any cookies! Easter cookies using another beautiful
heirloom-quality copper cookie cutter from
Because perfect cut-out cookies begin with perfect
copper cookie cutters! This is Bunny-Bun, item #5198
The Ranger named his first pet rabbit Bun-Bun!
See what I mean about perfect cut-out
cookies? does it again!
I smell... Butter!
While my cookies cool, it's time to get my royal icing whipped up!
As soon as I started up my mixer this sweet creature leaned forward to get a
better look into the kitchen window. The look on her face seems to say, Please
teach me to make icing that way... I'd like to tell her that the look on my
face means, Please leave some black oil sunflower seeds for the birds!
So now you know why my Easter cookies took all day to finish!
Oh, look at that...
I think she heard me! 
In case you're wondering about the baby squirrel I found last weekend...
I'm happy to say that after a few days in my care she was able to be
released back into the yard. Of course, I would have LOVED to have
been there; however, Army dad said he felt sorry for her because she
was chewing on the grate on the locker trying to escape - So he scooped
her up and put her near the face tree where she immediately climbed up
and disappeared. Of course, I let him know that I would have preferred
he waited until I got home. But I was reminded that it wasn't about me!


  1. I SOO need that cookie cutter!

    I made some cookies that look like Peeps last year (, but I had to cut around a template I made. That cutter would have made things so much easier!

  2. Seeing your cookies ALWAYS makes me want to bake! Simply beautiful- you do such gorgeous work!

  3. Your yard is just beautiful...reminds me of when we lived in North Carolina...there was the Azalea Festival there. Just reminds me of driving through the neighborhoods all exploding with pretty... You just stare at the color.
    I also love the darling magical things you place in your yard...adorable!
    Your cookies look wonderful and I love the way they held their true shape. I've had some puff and not do that...Would love the recipe you used!
    Thanks for the wonderful pics to peek in on today!

  4. Oh the beauty all around you makes me yearn to be able to garden like that again myself. I must content myself with taking a walk with my HUGO around my daughter's yard, as she and her husband so lovingly care for what I once had that is now planted in their yard. Your cookies always turn out so beautifully and your technique for decorating them is to be envied. I must check out your source for the cookie cutters as the plastic ones I use with my grandchildren just don't cut it anymore. Enjoy your Spring and congratulations to Army Dad for a job well done in the yard. He has made the outside as beautiful as you've made the inside of your home and that is what it's all about. Complimenting each other in all you do.

  5. So many things to say!
    First off, we've taken care of several squirrels over the years.. we had a brother and sister baby squirrel for a whole winter once! Lots of people dislike them, i love 'em.
    Annd I can see why you wouldn't want to cookie decorate around all that natural beauty - wow! Beautiful gardens and trees!
    Love your bunny cookies - What beautiful sweets and blog you have here! Thanks for visiting me over on Sweetopia, I'm glad to have 'found' you through my blog birthday post! xo

  6. Love that your baby squirrel has made it back home safe and sound. Love your Easter cookies (tails are adorable) and I seriously could get lost in your garden and never once cry out for help.


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