Sunday, March 25, 2012

Home, Spring Home!

When we arrived home at four o'clock this morning after our visit with
the Ranger I didn't notice much. But after the sun came up and I took
a look around I noticed lots of things have changed since we left last
week. My first observation is that the boxwoods have flushed out!
And the Japanese maple in the front yard has flushed out too!
Not only are there new leaves everywhere, we have new bloomers too!
I love Spring and I love it when things
flush out with new growth! Huh, Leo?
Speaking of Leo... Bing and Leonidis were very happy to
see us this morning! Although Bing is ignoring us a little...
But that's nothing a little Fancy Feast wouldn't cure!
Look! Things are greening up in the back yard now too!
And it looks like there's a new tenant moving into the Gnome home!
Looks like he's coming home with some produce too!
My gardener is a very sweet and entertaining man! 
The forsythia near the bird house in the front yard is done blooming now...
However, the dogwood trees have popped to take its place!
In fact, all the dogwood trees have begun to bloom!
Dogwoods are among my favorite trees in the landscape!
My rose bushes by the pool have flushed out with new leaves too!
When I filled the bird feeders this morning I noticed most of the little oranges
I put down for the birds before we left were sitting under the heat pump. When
I bent down to investigate, this little fellow popped out to greet me! Isn't he cute?
I immediately brought him a fresh orange!
 Which he seemed to really enjoy!
Look at that cute little nose!
I thought about just loading him up with
more oranges. But then I thought he also needed...
Some bread with peanut butter on it too!
I almost walked away but then I thought about the other critters who live
on our property that might make a snack out of my new little buddy...
I asked the other squirrels if they knew his mommy...
But no one claimed him!
So I decided to hang out and watch him eat for a while!
He really enjoyed the peanut butter!
And the bread too!
He only stopped gobbling long enough to work on the peanut chunks...
Then he began to choke and I realized creamy
might have been a better choice than the chunky!
This little guy ate like he hadn't had anything to eat in quite a while!
Then he hopped over to where I was sitting and snuggled into my pant leg
for a nap and, that was it. I had to find a way to keep him safe. But how?
It's not like we have a kennel to hold him until he gets a little bigger...
Or don't we?
This locker in the garage might be the perfect spot!
Still half-asleep from the nap he started on my pant leg...
Wait! We can do better than my hiking boots!
That's better!
It's so good to be home!
Before I say good-night I have a confession to make... Remember
how I took credit for not buying this cake stand during my last
Well, on our way down last week to welcome the Ranger home from
his latest deployment I saw it again. And, I found it even harder to resist...
So I didn't and I brought it home!


  1. I thought the picture of your little friend sitting behind his peanut butter sandwich in the grass was cute. Then you go and take pictures of the *barrack room* you made him in the locker and I almost cried. This post is just too adorable or I'm just too emotional right now LOL.

    P.S. Already your property looks lush and beautiful.

  2. OMGG..YOU made me want to go out and find my own little squirrel to feed but since Tessa (my Yorkie) would bark and scare it off or the neighbor's pitbull mix "puppy" (that could eat my dog as a snack) would frighten it or the dog that lives with the cute guy next door would interfere with my efforts! I also have a big~ish dog that lives behind me. This makes it difficult for the cute little animal watching!! I guess I'll just have to go feed the ducks with Alex to get some cute photos like yours...and take some pictures of Kristen's yard:)

    Thanks for sharing so many GREAT photos!! I loved them:) When will you see Brandon again?

  3. Oh my goodness! The little squirrel is so cute! I know of a lady on a forum who rescued a squirrel. I will tell her to stop by your blog and maybe she can help you out. I love your goodies from Pottery Barn!

  4. Keep us all posted on the baby squirrel. I loved the adorable pictures of him!

  5. What an adorable post! ;0)
    That little baby squirrel is too cute for words! Thank you for sharing him with us....I'll bet he is one happy little fella!

  6. I love, love, love your gnome house! So cute! What a darling little squirrel!

  7. Thought I'd weigh in on your new distressed cabinet for your kitchen.....I recommend you try adding the beadboard; then whitewash the beadboard but leave the outside distressed! See how you like that before you whitewash the entire cabinet. I have seen some done this way and they look nice!


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