Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A very special 50th Wedding Anniversary!

He was nineteen, she was twenty. They met at the Blue Grotto, a
little dance hall in the beautiful German city of Augsburg 
Their courtship began when she walked over and told him,
You're sitting in my chair... They were married a few months
later on March 14, 1962 in the Catholic church across the street
from her mother's house. The same church where they would bring
their daughter and son to be baptized four and five years later... 
Today my parents celebrate fifty years of marriage and today,
we also know it was not her chair! I'm thrilled to say that at
sixty-nine and seventy years old, my parents are healthy and
happier than they have ever been. They always make it look
easy and perhaps it is... When all you ever need is love!

Happy Golden Anniversary, Mom and Dad. Thank you
for the wonderful example of love you set for me to follow! 


  1. Yay! My parents were married for 47 years before my dad died. My husband and i are well on our way at nearly 29.

  2. Kirby, it breaks my heart that you've lost your dear dad. I know every day how truly fortunate I am to have my mom and dad - they are today 69 and 70 and as healthy and as happy as I could ever wish for them to be!

    Congratulations on your nearly 29! Terry and I are celebrating 27 this year! xo

  3. such a beautiful post Janet!!
    Steve and I met them 1/2 last year, at 25 years!! we hope to make it to 50 just as happy and healthy!!

  4. Your parents are to be commended for their example of doing what it takes to make a marriage last. Wishing them a very Happy Golden Anniversary!

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your parents. And what a beautiful blessing that they get to celebrate 50 years of marriage!

  6. That's so great- happy anniversary! I hope to find my prince charming too and one day celebrate our 50th!

  7. Great pictures! And I love that she was confident enough to pull that chair stunt!! :)

  8. What a beautiful story! And I see that you get your beauty equally from both parents. A gorgeous couple. Happy anniversary to the lovely couple. May this year be grand and followed by many to come.


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