Saturday, January 21, 2012


Last night I went to a friends house to decorate cupcakes she baked to serve at
a baby shower she's hosting today... When she asked if she could borrow a few
cake stands too, I said, Sure! Decorating those cupcakes and the call I received
later from a friend in Kansas looking for input about her cake recipe inspired
me to plan my own baking adventures to keep me busy on this rainy weekend!
However, after it took me thirty minutes to dig out four cake stands, I decided my
time would be better spent organizing my baking stuff, rather than baking. First
step was to corral my cookie cutters... They were everywhere! In drawers, inside
cake pans, but mostly in my cake stand cabinet where they were under, on top of
and around almost every cake stand I own. Whenever I reached for a cake stand,
fifteen or more cookie cutters jumped out at me. Well, no more! Today I rounded
all of them up and put them away into storage bins. Now, my whole collection is
contained in one place, organized, and very best of all... So much easier to find!
Oh, and best, best of all...
My cake stands can breathe again!
I have just enough space left for the cake stands my friend
has borrowed. So if you see me buying another cake stand...
Smack me!
That goes for cake pans too!
I really don't need anything else for the kitchen...
But it's so hard to resist new things!
Speaking of new things... You know that feeling you get when you see a
cute guy? Well, I picked out a slab of white carrara for the kitchen island
yesterday that made me feel the same way! Why am I picking out carrara
for the kitchen when it's been less than three years since we installed new
counter tops and this larger island top? Well, every morning when I step
onto that little piece of carrara in my shower, I am reminded how much
I still want it in my kitchen. So while I'm not ready to risk getting divorced
over asking for a third remodel of my kitchen, I am thinking a little, (or
a lot) white cararra for the top of my island might be a nice compromise!
I like the butcher block that used to be our old island, but it's just not,
nor can it ever be the carrara I've always wanted. But now that I've pulled
the trigger on a slab of creamy white carrara to call my own, it means by
this time next week I will be a much happier and content kitchen camper!
Right Leo?
We'll just have to figure out how to slip that 125-pound
piece of carrara into the kitchen without being noticed!


  1. I want new countertops! Mine are the currently 13 year old laminate. They really aren't in that bad of shape, except for one large crack where it is curved to go the wall as a backsplash. Luckily, it is where I keep my sugar canister, so it is hidden. I guess they won't be in the budget for even longer since the kidney stones- E.R. visit, CTScan, x-rays, ambulance ride, over night hospital stay and stint insertion, day surgery/lithotripsy and stint removal.
    I have little cookie cutter collection in a tub. I love your cake stand collection. I have a much smaller collection of them.

  2. Oh, Lorilee, I am so sorry to hear about your kidney stones and the health crisis they caused you. Sending you healing thoughts and much love! xxoo Janet

  3. I've never met anyone with so many cake stands. I would love to see you have a party, where you try to use as many cake stands as you could. Just under 20 stands...quiet the challenge.
    I love your posts, Janet.
    Best wishes.


  4. You could open your own shop with all those cake stands! Now that you have all your cookie cutters organized I'm wondering where you are going to store them.
    Looking forward to seeing that carrara covered island next week.

  5. I don't have close to your collection, Janet, but still think there is nothing better than a well-ordered kitchen and storage space. I think I go through my kitchen more often than any other area in my home, with the possible exception of my closet!
    It's so much fun, finding someone who loves to organize and create as much as I do! I look forward to each of your blogs.


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