Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Inside my Secret-Savings-Spot!

After sharing my Secret-Savings-Spot in this post, I received a ton of
e-mails asking me to disclose its location. I also received e-mails asking if
I would consider shipping some of the disposable pastry bags I found there!
If you're one of my readers that inquired, then you know I answered every single
e-mail. And, if you asked me to mail you a box, (or four) of disposable pastry
bags, you'll know in a few days that they were mailed this evening. But, if you
are one of the many readers who said you wished you could see inside my
little s-s-s, then get comfy... Because the following photos are for you!
SpaBoy and I met for Hot Yoga after work this evening. Then, we hit the
secret-savings-spot. It was his first time. We shopped for almost an hour
and a half! The first thing I hope you've noticed is the variety of products
they carry! Now... This below had me a bit miffed because these non-slip
comfort/wellness mats are perfect for the kitchen but at only $14, they're
a fraction of what I paid for the one I ordered from Williams-Sonoma!
Part of the reason it took me and SpaBoy an hour and half to get through the
store is because we stopped to giggle so often. I mean, really... This has to
be the only place you'll find a garment steamer, blowdryer diffuser, water
bottle combination set, and commercial fry basket all on the same shelf!
Oh, and empty prescription bottles just below!
This cracked me up because I saw these in the gift shop the last time we
visited the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning with the Ranger!
Yes indeed... There's a whole lot of everything here!
Like these hand warmers I intend to send to the Ranger! He told me
it's been snowing in Afghanistan for a week now and that their
digital thermometer stopped working at minus 6 degrees!
SpaBoy loaded up on these sponges... Every
esthetician knows why this is a great deal!
Trehalose...Who knew?
But this is where you'll find it... Right next to
the hot tub safety rails and... The bathtub!
Need a bar condiment caddy, flat iron or set of hot rollers?
Or maybe you're in the market for a new
Bible or you're taking a road trip to Arizona?
I bet you could shop every store in North Carolina and not
find another box of plastic communion figurines anywhere!
Last fall I bought a case of tennis balls at Costco,
and I paid a whole lot more than this for them!
Right above the Pottery Barn wine stopper set and next to the corkscrews
is where you'll find the extra-long Gutting Gloves. And, isn't
extra-long what really matters when buying your gutting gloves?
This is usually the only place in the store where you'll find me...
It's where they stock all the baking/cooking supplies, and where I recently
found these fantastic rolls of 18" disposable pastry/decorating bags, priced
just $9.95 a box! I called yesterday afternoon to ask if they would put another
six boxes on hold for me, and I'm glad I did - Because while it may look like
there are still a lot of boxes left, there were ten times this many last week!
Now, last week they didn't have any of these latex gloves I was
after... But this evening I got lucky, and I took all five boxes home!
This is an example of the Williams-Sonoma goodies to be found here!
And, if you're in the market for a replacement handle
for your Le Creuset rubber scraper, you're in luck!
 I hope you've enjoyed your peek into the best kept secret in this area... SpaBoy
and I had a blast! After all, it's the only place in North Carolina a couple of former
Kansas State University students could find a clock like this hanging over the door!


  1. Be still my heart! When we visit family in Indianapolis there was a similar store downtown but it closed last year. Do you know if there are any stores in Texas??? I love your blog and I check it daily to follow your baking, shopping and decorating.


  2. Well you are way too sweet. Jaselle asked last night Mom when do you think she will send them. That is quite the store. Thanks for the look see.

  3. Oh my... I live in NC. I would love to know the name of that store and where it is located. If you would not mind sharing with me ; ) I love reading your blog, by the way!!


  4. I think I need to find me one of those secret-savings-spots here in Idaho!

  5. What a great tour! I'm pretty sure that I could spend 90 minutes in that place at least once every few months.

  6. The Kansas Lottery clock is a must have *snort* Seriously though, what a great find. I wish Arkansas had such fancy (get your savings on) stores.


  7. Good morning - Just a quick note to say thank you! I had fun visiting your secret saving spot yesterday. I can handle grit and old cigarette smell for the thrill of a deal. I got pastry bags and all kinds of other little things, like tennis balls, outdoor chalk, hair accessories to fill Valentine's Day bags, an LED candle lantern to add to a housewarming gift (clearly from Lowes ' Allen + Roth line), $5 bottles of the only sunblock I can use (Neutrogena sensitive skin) that was not expired and for which I typically pay $11, and I can't remember what else. A fun little outing and a place I know I'll want to check out again. Thanks for sharing!


  8. I live in VA but visit Winston several times a year to visit family. I would love to visit your SSS next time I am in the area. Can you please share???


  9. Where can get that Kansas Lottery Wall Clock?


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