Friday, January 13, 2012

Me... Day 1

After I stripped the bed this morning, Bing
and Leo had to find another place to hang out...
Another place to watch birds, lick, snooze and hang, while I went out to
my orientation for hot yoga, to have a facial and relax with a pedicure!
When I returned from my pampering, this was the scene in the solarium!
By the way... Me-days usually mean good things for Army Dad too!
Because while I'm being pampered and have time to relax and
let my mind wander is usually when I do my best thinking!
And, one thing I was thinking about as I was being pampered
was how much I bet he would enjoy my pork chops for dinner!
But before I talk pork chops, look what Mr. UPS brought me!
It's the Bistro butter dish from Williams-Sonoma! I also ordered
this and this and a few of the other Bistro-line items; however, so far
it's just little Beurre and me. Maybe it's just me... But the French word
for butter always makes me think of Brer Rabbit. Just me. I know...
So back to my pork chops!
This is my own recipe... Totally easy, totally made up and totally delicious. You
can do it in your crockpot or in your Dutch oven  - Either way works just fine!
First, rinse and pat your pork chops dry with a paper towel. Then heat a little
olive oil in a cast iron skillet and brown the chops on both sides. I'm using my
crockpot but if you're using a Dutch oven, just brown your chops in it instead
While your chops brown in the skillet, core and slice up a few
apples. Now, Army Dad likes a little applesauce with his pork chops
but he really loves apples cooked with his pork chops even more!
I'm using Fuji and Granny Smith because these varieties stand up to slow
cooking better than golden or red delicious. Those apples turn to mush!
And, not in a good applesauce way! To keep apple slices from turning
brown before I'm ready for them, I squish lemon juice over them...
After the chops were browned on both sides I tossed my apple
slices into my lined crockpot and added one chopped white onion... 
Then I added a cup of soy sauce mixed with a cup
of Trop50 and drizzled honey over the whole thing!
A little butcher's salt, a little fresh cracked pepper,
a little brown sugar... And, a little more honey!
Add the pork chops, set on high for four'ish hours and just walk away!
While my pork chops cooked and the kitties snoozed
in the solarium, I busied myself around the house!
I decided it was time to de-Christmas the console...
From this...
To this!
I'm not done tweaking and fiddling with
this arrangement... But for now, this will do!
Another thing that will do is this lovely little Bee pillow! It arrived with
the box I got today from Williams-Sonoma and was quite the surprise! In
fact, when I saw the label from Ballard Designs I told UPS it couldn't
be mine because I wasn't expecting anything from them. But, it was
absolutely meant for me... With a note, which read, Love Mom!
Thanks Mom...
Your gift was the perfect ending to my
first all-me day of this long weekend!


  1. The pork chops sound wonderful. I love the bee pillow. My great-grandfather came from Stein, Switzerland. The family home had a beehive and bees over the fireplace. I love to collect "bee" themed items because of this.

  2. Just put your porkchop recipe in the crockpot for Sunday lunch....looks yummy!

  3. Please do let me know how you like the pork chops! I served them again this evening and Army Dad said they were even more tender and tastier than they were last night. And, it's true - the flavors get better the longer they are married! :)

  4. Oh those chops look DElish!! I might have to try them =)
    Glad to see Bing and Leo getting along!

  5. Love the new look on the console and love that your Mom sees things that you would love and ships them off to surprises!

    I'm going to try to pork chop recipe, just wondering where you get those liners for the slow cooker.

  6. The chops were a BIG hit with the hubby! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  7. I loved your pork roast with apples recipe in the Dutch oven -- and now am planning on making this one next weekend! Looks wonderful!!!

    I am looking at the Bistro line at WS, too. Today they have free shipping! I'm getting the butter dish and jam pot for sure -- and can't decide between the cheese cloche and the square tray! Oh, decisions...


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