Sunday, January 22, 2012

A little Kitchen time!

I went into this weekend looking forward to a little kitchen time!
Specifically, I wanted to bake! However, instead of baking, I
spent most of yesterday organizing my baking goodies...
But after a quick trip to Costco for butter and sugar this morning...
There was no stopping me and no more excuses not to get my bake-on!
Red velvet cupcakes with Martha's buttercream recipe to be exact! By the way, if you
haven't heard, the secret to really great cakes and cupcakes, and breads too is this cake
enhancer from King Arthur Flour. I initially began using it because it helps cakes and
cupcakes last longer. And, with there just being two of us at home I figured it would
help cut down on the number of cupcakes I usually end up feeding to the raccoons
that live on our property. But even better than the way it stretches the life of your
cake and cupcakes is how much better it makes them taste! Trust me... Get some!
How cute are these cupcake liners I picked up at Bake it Pretty
in Asheville? I was sorry to learn that they have closed their store...
But fortunately for me, I stocked waaaaaay up during our last trip!
So let's bake some red velvet cupcakes!
I don't know about you, but I find pouring my batter into liners
a whole lot less messy than dipping it with an ice cream scoop!
Red velvet cake batter always looks like ketchup to me!
I know... It's just me!
I also know it may seem silly to bake just one
cupcake when that's all the batter that's left...
But if I dumped it, I wouldn't have this last, perfect cupcake!
Now that my cupcakes are baked and cooling in front of the open window, it's
time to whip up some of Martha's Buttercream Frosting... It's so good!
 Being so close to Valentine's Day, I think a little pink might be in order!
Just two drops is all it takes...
For perfect pale pink buttercream!
Decorating my cupcakes will be especially fun since I'm totally stocked
up on disposable pastry bags. I mailed a couple of boxes to friends so when
a friend at work told me she was going to the secret savings spot to pick
up a box for herself, I asked her to pick up another three boxes for me!
Disposable pastry bags is the way to go because buttercream is
especially difficult to clean out of those reusable decorating bags!
And, I am all about the easy clean-up!
I'm also all about this decorating tip!
Because I love the little poof it gives us, huh, Bing? Bing's been
staring at me for a while now... Do you want to know why?
Because I hit pause on the cupcakes and have started my dinner prep!
And, Bing can smell seafood a mile away!
Tiger prawns, lump crab and scallops are on the menu tonight!
And... Cupcakes for dessert, of course!
One for you... One for me!
By the way... I finally broke down and ordered one of those photo light
tents many of my blogger friends rave about. I like the clean backgrounds,
and the light it provides long after the natural light in my kitchen has
disappeared. I like the way it diffuses light to eliminate shadows too!
So if you're in the market for one and wonder what it
might look like after you pop it up in your kitchen...
Now you know!
Now... Go, and have yourself a Happy week!


  1. Yummy! I have thought about getting the spatula mixer attachment. My mixer looks just like yours. When do you prefer it over the regular paddle? What about the pour spout? I don't have one of those yet either! Love the photos. Now I want a photo tent too! Where did you find yours? Don't you just love all the questions? Haha. Oh and the at in the box makes me laugh!

  2. King Arthur Flour is my go-to bakery supply site! Another of my new favorites is the Princess flavoring; makes my cakes taste like they're fresh from a bakery. I love it!
    The cupcakes look delicious~

  3. You are amazing!! These cupcakes are beautiful and I am sure they will be scrumptious for all lucky enough to sink their teeth into them! What number tip is that for the frosting? It looks like the Wilton 1A but could be wrong... Even bigger, right? Glad to see you having fun in the kitchen over the weekend.

  4. Your cupcakes look wonderful. I can't believe I'm going to write this but I have never yet made a nor had a red velvet cupcake or piece of cake for that matter.
    You are taking some great photos using your table top lighting tent.

  5. Bing is too cute! The cupcakes look delicious..your photos always look great, but the new photography booth really polishes them off! Hope to see more pics of Bing and Leo soon..they are both beautiful cats!

  6. You amaZe me!
    TOTALLY amaZe me!
    Bing~cupcake liners~cake enhancers~seafood~white tents for photographing after dark!
    I'm in AWE!!!!
    I wanna come spend a week with YOU!
    And watch you do everything.

  7. Your RV cupcakes look delish...Can you share your recipe for them? Also, does your SSS have an outlet in MN? Please say YES!

  8. Doreen, thank you! But honestly, my red velvet cupcakes were made with the help of Duncan Hines with King Arthur Flour's cake enhancer. It makes even box mixes taste like made-from-scratch. I took these cupcakes to work and EVERYONE wanted to know my recipe... Duncan Hines. Just don't forget the KAF cake enhancer! ;) Thank you for reading along and for your kind words!

  9. One more question...Can I find the KAF cake enhancer in your better grocery stores or is it online order? And, what about the SSS in MN? :D

  10. Doreen - No, you won't find the cake enhancer in grocery stores. You can call KAF customer service to ask them; however, I believe this is a catalog/internet item only outside of their retail store in Vermont. I am not aware of any SSS in MN. What I suggest to everyone that asks me is to Google "salvage discount" with your city or town to see if anything pops up. I've heard from a lot of my readers that they've found similar stores in their area. :) Good Luck!


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