Saturday, January 14, 2012

Me-weekend... Day 2

I spent half the day in bed. There I said it. 

I was up early to feed the kitties and to do a tiny bit of housework, and then... I went back to bed and watched television shows I normally don't have the opportunity to watch. 

Fortunately, this didn't last long because much of what I found made me feel like my braincells were oozing out of my ears. Did you know that the Kardashian sisters have a television show? Why? I mean really... Does anyone care to watch them prancing about, doing absolutely nothing at all? I don't get the appeal. Although I must credit the half-episode I watched for clearing up the whole, why-didn't-Kim's-marriage-work mystery because that dude was just a big square peg rolling around the biggest box of round holes that I've ever seen. But seriously, Kim didn't see that coming? I'm afraid I am now part of the it-was-all-for-television camp because there is no way those two could have ever been serious about making their marriage last. No way! 

I don't know how it happened but after my unfortunate Kardashian moment, I somehow ended up on a channel airing a rather gritty reality series called Dog, the Bounty Hunter. It was pretty difficult to watch because that man and his wife both looked cardiac to me. I also couldn't help wonder in what quantity they buy peroxide. I'm guessing gallons. And, for as smart as they think they are, the whole group was pretty goofy. Back in 1987, I worked at an answering service owned by a the baddest bail bondsman in Monterey County, and he didn't come home until his fugitive was caught. So I could have told Dog that leaving the hot-zone, (where they last located the suspect) to take a break in the middle of the night was a bad idea. Sure enough! No sooner was the Dog crew back home, forty-five minutes away, did they receive a call saying their target was about to be at a gas station near the location they had just abandoned. All this amateur hunting aside, I hung in there long enough to see Dog capture a fugitive missing a little finger. 

One show I don't regret watching today is Hungry Girl. I have every one of Lisa's books and love them! So when she mentioned this amazing ice cream, and that is only 150 calories for a whole pint, I was out of bed and at Whole Foods in record time!

It's called Arctic Zero! And, if you know someone that
considers a pint-size container of ice cream a bowl... Like I do
might... Then you are going to love Arctic Zero as much as I do!
I don't know how they do it, but the whole pint is just 150 calories! And, best of
all... It's 150 calories worth eating. Soooo good! Whole Foods is the only place
in my area that carries Arctic Zero, but you can find it in your area here
I like Whole Foods, but I'm first and always a Trader Joe's girl. We've been
promised a Trader Joe's for a while, and I'll never give up hoping that we get
one in our area. In the meantime, I'll keep driving to Charlotte and Raleigh
to get my Trader Joe's fix. They have the best of everything at Trader
Joe's, especially fresh-cut flowers. I've stopped hoping for great cut-
flowers at Whole Foods - Just like I've stopped hoping for great
looking produce there. But today, I was surprised with these!
There is nothing like winter Tulips in the house to
help one forget how ugly it is outside in January!
Now please excuse me while I finish Day 2 of me-weekend
with a little Arctic zero and some Football... Go Niners!
Remembering my beloved Oma
08/11/1914 - 01/14/1991
Sie fehlen immer von meinen Tagen...


  1. You're cracking me up about watching tv. Please don't kill any more brain cells tomorrow! ;)

  2. Gorgeous tulips! Those things always brighten my day.

    And I watched Dog the Bounty Hunter today while I was sewing away...

  3. Glad you're enjoying your *ME* time! Those tulips are beautiful & the half-Dutch parts of me have to smile at them:) Hope you have just as much fun on day 3...and I have to agree about those Kardashians. I've watched them a few times since the wedding...never watched prior to that disaster and only watched AFTER to see what all the hype was about! That mom is amazing to make SO much money out of NOTHING!

    We finally got some snow here in Michigan yesterday...oddest winter I ever remember! Finally feels like winter. Keep warm and enjoy the ice cream:)

  4. Yeah for the 49ers!
    WOWzee on that game!
    The tulips are gorg! Perfect shade of PINK!
    Now...let's get to the ice cream!
    You mean I can wrap my towel around that whole pint and eat the ENTIRE carton for only 150 cals!!!!!
    I trust you when you say it's yummy!
    I also trust Hungry Girl~
    Hugs SWEET gril!
    ENJOY your time!
    I have felt the same way the few times I have watched the Kardashians~ how ever you spell it! ;)
    Hugs and LOVE from Bainbridge Island!
    I bet the kitties were loving you lounging in bed all day!
    There's nothing better than snuggling with kitties.

  5. Love Article Zero. My favorite flavor is vanilla maple

  6. Loved reading about your TV time in bed! Too funny. I'd get out of bed pretty darn quick for some of that ice cream too. The flavours you bought sound sooo good.

  7. Those tulips look amazing and I love the glass container that they are in!!

  8. Oh those tulips are lovely. Makes me dream of spring. About that ice cream..... what is the sweetener? Is there sucralose in it?

  9. Just natural, raw sugar... You know how sensitive I am to artificial sweeteners (and even Stevia!) so I would know in a second if there was one in it. I had to mint chocolate cookie (whole pint!) last night and it was even better than the chocolate peanut butter! :)


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