Monday, January 30, 2012

Another stop at the S-S-S!

I received another e-mail from another friend in California asking me to send
her a couple of boxes of those fantastic disposable pastry bags I found at
my secret savings spot. She read this post and couldn't believe seeing that I
actually found communion figurines too! Communion season is coming up and
her sweet daughter Mini-P, as I affectionately call her, will be making her first
Holy communion in the same Church where the boys made theirs! Of course, I
was all too happy to make another trip out to my s-s-s, especially since the last
time I was there with SpaBoy, we saw lots of employees busy stocking the
shelves with all sorts of new items. One of them being these pencils from my
very favorite make-up, Urban Decay. Do you know what I pay for an Urban
Decay eye pencil at Sephora? A whole lot more than $4.95, that's for sure!
I don't usually spend much time at the s-s-s cosmetics
counter, but that changed tonight! I'll take three, please!
When I couldn't find the communion figurines I started to panic a bit. I
mean, just last week there was a huge box practically over-flowing. But
tonight, no trace of them anywhere! I finally asked the man at the register,
but I was directed to the food section to the communion wafers. No... Really!
Fortunately, I didn't give up and found this tiny stash behind the
boxes, (and boxes!) of church votive candles. Whew! Now, all the kids
in Mini-P's first communion class will have one in their goodie bag!
I hope that they enjoy it as much as I love the figurine
I received on the day of my first Holy communion...
Although I wouldn't put money on any of them keeping
their first Holy communion figurine for 35+ years like I have!


  1. Mini-P's Mom loves you and adores your blog.

  2. I sure do wish I lived near you... I would love to have you show me around the S-S-S!!!


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