Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday... finally!

Saturday finally came. And, not a moment too soon. I slept in until eight o'clock and then went back to Bed to sleep some more... It was the first morning since my Return that I felt in sync again with my Time zone. It also felt Good to unwrap and organize the piles of Gifts and souvenirs I brought back and to finally Clean my house! 

As much as I appreciated the effort while I was gone, someone forgot to add the Lavender water to the load of Duvets and sheets he did so I began my housekeeping Day fixing my laundry. After the laundry was done and the Beds made, it was on to my Floors and windows. And, while I was doing that, the phone rang, and IT WAS BRANDON! My Brandon on a 4-hour pass at the Ft. Benning PX with a whole hour of Phone time! Christmas came on February 21st and it was Fantastic! 

Brandon sounded great. He said he had a Nestle milkshake in front of him and was eating some Haribo gummies - both snacks that he hasn't been able to Eat in over 8 weeks since leaving home for Basic. Brandon's just as excited about his 36-hour pass as we are, which happens ONE MONTH from today. We talked for just under 45 minutes and it Made my day! Mom and dad received a call too. Life is good!       

 Meet Mr. Magoo. Brandon brought this little Bonsai tree home from
work one night when he was still at Home Depot. It sat in his room on my desk
until all the Leaves fell off... Then, when Brandon cleaned out his room to prepare
to leave for Basic, he put it out into the garage near the Garbage can. Instead of throwing
it out though, I decided to bring it into the house, Give it a little trim and put it on the dining
table in in the kitchen where it gets a little shot of Sunshine twice a day. And then it happened...
Just before I left for California I noticed Mr. Magoo was getting New leaves. Now look at him!
I told Brandon about Mr. Magoo's rebirth and he was Very happy about it!
Can you believe that Ash Wednesday is just around the corner?
Better start making my List of things to give up for Lent!
I'm in the Kitchen so there's my Bing! I missed him so much...
Brandon asked me if I thought Bing will remember
him when he gets back home...
I told him, OF COURSE he will!
I am such a Sucker for Packaging! Put Wallace and
Gromit on a little Wheel of cheese and no Price is too much!
...must have been a little Salty for Bing though because as soon as he
finished the Little piece I slipped him he was in the sink for a Drink!
just let it run, Mom!
that's Better...
Bing's watching the water Run down the drain
What else ya got?
Such a beautiful Cheddar!
we've added this to our List of favorites now at Whole Foods!
speaking of Packaging... How cute is this Bunny soap on a rope?
I bought up the last of the Valentine's Day jelly beans they had too because when
I got home I found my Richard Nixon library candy Jar on my desk empty again

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