Thursday, February 26, 2009

remember Slime?

William and I conducted a Science experiment tonight for his physical science class... As soon as I saw it coming together I said, Wow! You made SLIME! Remember slime? I remember going to Toyland in Germany in 1978 and my dad buying us these miniature Plastic garbage cans filled with something called, Slime. First, there was green slime and later there was purple Slime that came with rubber worms mixed into it. It was fun to play with but I remember it didn't Mix well with the shag carpeting we had in the living room. Any way, I think retro-Slime is what William created in tonight's experiment...  although he Reminded me that since he wasn't around in the 70's he couldn't very well use my Slime story to describe the material he came up with after mixing a Borax (remember Borax!?) solution with Elmer's glue. Instead, he wrote that it resembles Pudding that's been left in a bowl under the Couch for a week. I just hope that isn't something he's seen in Our house! Now I'm afraid to go look under the couch in his TV room. 

Doing these experiments and the other Assignments that have been sent home for William during this little Vacation he's on has me thinking that I could have probably Home schooled my boys and enjoyed it. I know, I know... And, I'll say it before you do! There are Whole schools of teachers, here and in Monterey probably wishing I had home schooled William! Got it...

Here's our Scientist!
adding Borax to 1 pint water
did you know PVA is Elmer's Glue? I had no idea... I had to
google it and then send T to Walgreen's to get some!
SLIME! Pink slime...
after the Experiment was over, William continued to play
... and Play!

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