Sunday, February 1, 2009

Even better...

As much as I would love to be Back in bed with the Bing... There's a new piece of Furniture in the dining room that's Calling my name. I thought about it until I fell asleep last night and I've decided to relocate my Vase and crystal collection in the den into my New cabinet. I hate dusting... a lot and, well, by displaying tons of clear glass vases and Crystal pieces out on open shelves, I'm just inviting Windex to be my best friend. And, it is! Has been for a long, long time... So while I like that these display units on either side of the Television cabinet have glass shelves and are lighted, it's never been the right spot for all of these things:

Plus, you-know-who thinks all this Sparkly stuff of mine distracts his
eyes from the Television so we constantly fight over whether or not to
have the Cabinet lights on while we watch TV. Well, no more!
I'm giving Up and moving it all out! He can now Fill up all
these shelves with his Books. Because he can! No really... there
are stacks and Stacks of books all over the den. It's why I rarely
sit in the Den with him any more. His clutter drives me Nutter!
Even Better! Besides, these Hummel figurines from my Mom look
much Better in this cabinet than they did in the Den! And, this is a very
nice way to Display my Christmas salad plates too. They look great against
the Color of the wood. Everything, with just a few exceptions, from the Den fits!
And, the fact that I won't have to Dust as much any more is such a Bonus!
I think this is a Great place to store the Angel wing too! And, my
little Weller pot and that piece of 1912 Roseville look great up there too!
I'm calling this Project done!
Oh, Look what I found! It's been Years and years... This is the set of English
bone China I bought when Brandon was baptized. I displayed these sweet little
pieces on a Shelf in his bedroom, next to other Keepsakes, for a while when he was
just a baby... Maybe the next piece of Furniture I find will allow me a spot to display
them again. That is until Brandon has a child of his own. Then, I hope he will want to
have them to display in his baby's nursery... But I'm in no Hurry for that to happen!
That was 1988. My, how Time flies!
And, this is the Set I bought for William when he was Baptized in 1991. It bummed me
then that it wasn't a Three-piece set like they offered when I bought Brandon's set
and it bums me now too. Nevertheless, this set of William's is just as Sweet!
the only piece from the Cabinets in the den that didn't fit into my new cabinet
is this piece of Art glass I picked up in Cambria during one of our Last visits down
there before we left California for North Carolina. For now, I think I'll just let it live
in the China cabinet because it needs to have a Light on it to bring out the colors!
The cabinet is done and I'm happy with it! As much as I would love to join
Bing for a nap, it's 10AM now and a little too late for that sort of Laziness. Besides,
I think I'll whip up some Enchiladas for lunch - that will help me get rid of some of
this Pork butt I made... That means I've got Chopping to do so Let's get to it!
Is there a more Fascinating thing in the kitchen than Garlic? Just think, in
Less than a week I'll be driving down to Monterey from the San Jose airport
and I'll go right through Gilroy - the Sweet smelling Garlic capitol of the
World! And, there is nothing better than Fresh pressed garlic in my Pico
Excuse me for a second while I go Blow my nose and dry my eyes...
a little Salt now and it's Pico! Tomatoes this time of year just make me want
to Cry more than the onions I just chopped. Why? Because I know the earth
is Capable of so much better... Even the expensive ones suck. Damn winter-time!
Meet my friend Jack, he's from Monterey. And, this is his
sister, Cheddar. She's sharp! I'm a dork, I know. Cut me some
slack it's Sunday morning and instead of sleeping in until Noon I'm
downstairs in the kitchen. That's gotta Count for something around here!
the Whole time I'm grating cheese I'm fantasizing about how Great it would
be to have this chore done in Two seconds using my food Processor. But then
I remember how much of a Pain it is to clean and Dry and I suck it up and Grate!
I'll reserve some of these Cheese blocks for William. He's working
until four o'clock this afternoon and I promised him a Quesadilla
my pulled pork has Flavor to spare but I have to add the sauce.
Because the recipe says so and I follow the rules... Sometimes.
Let's build some Enchiladas!
my California friends are probably thinking that I'm more of a enchilada
than what I'm building here... I realize my Enchiladas are pretty much
just Under-stuffed burritos that I cover in Cheese and bake, but this
is how I like my Enchiladas, and no one in my house seems to mind!
see Ya in 20... Don't you drip on my Clean oven!
I could stop right here, Grab a spoon and be
happy. But this you already know about me!
400 degrees, for 20 minutes Delivers us to Yummy town!
a little Superbowl, pre-Game lunch!
There are two enchiladas Left over, and that's because our Brandon isn't here...
I wonder what they Serve guys in Basic training on Superbowl Sunday

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