Saturday, February 7, 2009

Houston, we have a Problem!

Actually, we have Four problems, Houston... First, I am so much better Suited for the West coast time zone but now I realize that's only true if I'm in North Carolina. I mean, I've lived on the East coast for more than a Few years now but I still catch myself sometimes Wishing it wasn't already midnight and time to go to bed when I know it's only 9PM out here. But last night, Reality smacked me in the head and I was ready for bed at 9:30, local time! Worse, I was wide away and Ready to go at 4:15 this morning, and it's Saturday! Still, much, much Worse for my parents than my being wide awake at four o'clock is that when I wandered downstairs at 5AM, I set off the Alarm and didn't know the code to disarm it! I was being careful, but I didn't realize the first motion detector is set just One step off from the key pad... so I didn't stand a chance of making it to the Kitchen without causing a Very loud stir! All that aside, here are my Problems this morning:

I miss my Smoochy kitty
this is going to sound Weird, but I actually catch myself
expecting to see Bing around my parents house! But no... When I
called home this morning, T said he was snuggled up in my spot on the bed
And second... I REALLY miss my Bed! I know, you're thinking Why? I'm sure your
parents have a Lovely guest suite at their home. And, you're right, they do, but...
Two years ago my Mom decided that she would redecorate their Guest room and go from a Queen bed in there to two Twin beds. Yes, twin like in the Dick Van Dyke show. Sure, it's great for when Brandon and William or Paige and Nick visit their grandparents (although Brandon and William both have queen size beds at home)... But when I visit... Not so Much! Yes, I'm traveling alone and yes, I fit into a twin bed Quite nicely, thank you. But when you're Used to a king size bed and you go to a Twin, it's Rough! Now, I will say that the mattresses are the best that Money can buy, but it's still a Twin slice of heaven so while I slept, I dreamt I was floating on a plank. I was quite well aware that if I didn't mind my margins I might end Up on the floor. I've thought about it and I don't think shoving the Two twins together would help much either. I love (LOVE) being here with my parents so this is just a Minor inconvenience, but Still!

So this is where I'll be floating down the river
of my Dreams for the next Eight nights!

the Chair and ottoman set over there is beginning to appeal to me as
an Alternative... At least the arms might keep me Up off the floor!

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