Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Carmel Mission

The Carmel Mission... Such an emotional Visit for me. Read all about its History here

Just lovely!
Hey! I know you guys!
At this Baptismal font my boys were Baptized and Given to Christ
First, Brandon in 1988, and then William in 1991
Now, this is a Church!
Mom and I have never seen a Candle stand we could resist! We lit one
for Oma, dad's surgery, my safe return Home, one for our Brandon and
William and my brother James... And, I lit one for mom too!
God lives here and you can Feel him everywhere
inside this chest are remnants of the Original wooden
casket of Father Junipero Serra
The new Alter
Father Serra is buried here under the floor beside the Alter
ask him anything... My dad knows!

the side door of the Mission out to the Courtyard
look at those Hydrangea in February!
there is just too much to Love here!

this Cross is part of the Original alter. Now in the Mission museum
(click to Enlarge)
there it is...
(click to Enlarge)

In this Chapel at the Carmel Mission on December 14, 1991,
also our sixth Wedding anniversary...
on this spot, before this Alter... We were Married in the Church
I like to say it's where we Got it Right!
It was a Perfect day... Then and today!

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