Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Panic has set In!

Okay, it's Official! The panic has set in, and I'm feeling it! I'm doing my Best to distract myself, but in everything I do, my mind wanders to these thoughts of, Is this the Last time I will see or do this? Is this the last time I will talk to or see that person? Last night as we smooched Good-bye I thought, Will Scott look back and say he was sure glad he got up here to have Dinner with me because it was the last time he ever saw me?

Honestly, I am unnerved by the thought of flying to California this Friday. I'm so excited to see my Parents and very much looking forward to doing whatever I can to Will my dad through this surgery and to the Cure I know he will have... But I'm afraid to fly.

I have SO much to live for... So much that I'm looking forward to... So much left to Enjoy and to experience. It would really Suck if something happened to me! I'm toying with the idea of Ordering all the monogrammed dinnerware I want just to prove to myself that I know I'm coming home again... If something happens to me I'm going to be very Unhappy. And, I know you would miss Me terribly, and since Wonderhubby has no idea how to even turn my Mac on, let alone access my Blogger account, I'm afraid that would be the end of your updates too! Oh, say it isn't so... Tell me you're out there Praying for my safe Arrival and return!

Yup! The Panic has set in and I'm afraid it won't go away until I'm safely back at home on the 15th.

Wish me Well, won't you? Send me your prayers for, four solid and Sound airplanes, agreeable Weather and, Oh! excellent Pilots too. I wonder if called Continental to request that Sandy Sullenberger fly me to and from California if they would get him for me. I think I have Continental's phone number here somewhere under this pile of Advil I'm eating...

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