Thursday, February 12, 2009

A model Patient!

I believe that model Surgeons deserve model Patients... That's why my dad and Dr. Greene made such a Perfect team!

Mom and I walked into Room 504 this morning to find dad Beyond ready to be discharged! I called before mom and I went to bed last night and the charge Nurse told me that dad Refused pain medication and was doing, just dandy, so I didn't expect anything else. I did worry a little throughout the night... I hoped the phone wouldn't ring with any bad news. And, it didn't. So mom and I were up early, checked out of the Hotel and headed over to UCSF around 9:30. They told us last night that, Best case scenario, we might be able to take dad home as early as Eleven o'clock; Worst case, they said, we could be there until 2PM. As was the case with his Surgical results yesterday, we managed to continue on the, Best case scenario plan today and walked out at 11:30AM. All three of us, we Walked out!

You tell me... Does this look like the Face of a 66-year old man that had
Da Vinci robotic assisted prostatectomy Less than 10 hours ago?  
This is nurse Collette giving instructions to dad, whom
she referred to as her, Model Patient on the floor
unhook Me...
...and Let me go home!
Collette told Dad to to hold his arm above his
head for a while to help Stop the bleeding
I asked Dr. Greene last night about the Smiley face on the bandage on dad's
abdomen... She said that's the incision where dad's, Bad prostate came out so she
thought she would draw him a Smiley face because getting rid of it is a Happy thing. And,
we couldn't agree more. Dad flashed me his Smiley this morning so I'm showing you!
here's Dad on his way out the Door. He wrote on
the Board above Target Discharge Date...
Bill is Gone!
On our way out of San Francisco we passed City Hall
and, on our Way home we stopped at Chevy's!
In Brandon's last letter to Mom and Dad he wrote, Please go to Chevy's
for me because it's on his List of things he misses. So I thought I'd take a couple
of photos to include with my Next letter to Brandon. Here's Mom with her Quesadilla,
which is Brandon's favorite meal at Chevy's. How nice it would be if Brandon was here with us!
There's our Model patient having Chips and Salsa on what
nurse Collette called, sleepy bowels. I sure hope tonight is Uneventful!

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