Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tour of Old Salem

My work-Lunch at Salem Tavern last week and the four subsequent trips I made to the Moravian Gift and bookshop after that, Reminded me of how much I love visiting Old Salem. And, since we shopped out all the Stores until they closed yesterday, we decided to Resist the urge to shop again today and instead spent the afternoon in Old Salem and exploring Salem cemetery - we Love the really old cemeteries!

Every time we pass the Old Salem Teapot I cannot help but Break out into
that little Song! I'm a little Teapot short and  stout, here is my handle, here
is my Spout. When I get all Steamed up hear me Shout... Just tip me Over
and Pour me out - Surely, I'm not the only one this Happens to... Right?
That's Home Moravian Church, established November 13, 1771
When (not if!) it Snows, we're coming back for a Carriage ride...
Winkler Bakery
...where Moravian sugarcake and Lovefeast buns are born!
Christian Winkler began baking in this Oven in 1806
These are pretty Rustic baking conditions!
Many of the Great things to come from this room and that Oven...
this Oven...
...end up on these Shelves for sale. And, the
line in the Bakery shop is always Very long
across from Winkler bakery is the Cigar shop
after one last Stop in the Gift and book shop for
more Beeswax candles, we hiked up to the Cemetery
what a Wonderful tribute to this Wife
click to enlarge
this is what I love about old Cemeteries... The unique memorials
One just never sees these in Modern cemeteries
we especially love these Family crypts
what a Lovely bench and Bronze of a girl and her cat
so Peaceful. Just the two of us, the birds and Squirrels...
a nice way to Spend the afternoon and walk off a Huge lunch!

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