Monday, December 15, 2008

Inspired to Bake by a New method!

I love to Bake almost as much as I love to shop so since Martha's been baking Christmas cookies and deserts on her show every day for the last Two weeks, I was inspired to Bake a little this evening.

While cooking isn't an exact Science, baking most definitely is... Add a little more or less Garlic to your dish, or more or less Pepper to taste... No problem! However, forget the baking Powder or confuse it for baking soda or add a little too much Flour to a batter and you have a formula for Disaster on your hands. Which, is Exactly why baking is Perfect for a control-freak like me! I enjoy the Science and exactness Baking demands, and I especially love it when a recipe comes together the way it is meant to!

A few days ago on her show, Martha mentioned that cookies are best (especially Chocolate chip) if you can prepare the Dough in advance and refrigerate it for 24-36 hours before baking. Now understand, the only Chilled/pre-mixed cookie dough I've ever tried (aside from Pillsbury's cheater-cookies) is that tub-Stuff you get talked into by Parents pimping cookie dough to support their kids' school music program or soccer team, which by the way, tastes like you threw the Plastic tub into the oven and called it cookies... So I decided to put Martha's suggestion to the test and give her Method a try.

But which recipe to test Martha with? Well, I follow Martha's daughter, Alexis Stewart's blog (here), and once again, her Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe was mentioned by her co-host, Jennifer Hutt on her side of their shared Blog - so that was it! It was high time for me to make those Cookies... And, I decided to make another Batch of Heath Toffee cookies I always get rave reviews on too... Depending on how these Cookies turn out tomorrow after I bake them, I might just include a Few of each in the Christmas packages I'm putting together for friends. Here's hoping!

Oh, what a Wonderful sight in my kitchen... Let's mix it Up!
I bought 7-pounds of Nestle chocolate chips a few weeks ago at
Costco... but tell me, who can stroll through the Baking isle and
NOT pick up the Ghirardelli? Not this California transplant!
Mmmmmm... Butter. Lots of smooth, rich, room temp, Unsalted butter!
Whipped for 2-minutes on medium speed until Fluffy
There it is! 1.5 cups of Ghirardelli folded in, and ready to Chill
Is it time to Bake cookies yet?
Butter, sugar, Pure vanilla and Heath toffee
This is a Dough I could eat straight from the Bowl - Yummy!
Heath Toffee Cookie dough ready to Chill
Bake-fest resumes right Here tomorrow!

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