Sunday, December 14, 2008

One last Stop on the way home...

We're home now and what a Nice weekend get-away this Turned out to be! The weather was amazing, although not technically Beach weather... The drive both ways was Easy and we enjoyed everything we saw and did. No disappointments, no complaints. The Sheraton Atlantic Beach exceeded all our expectations and I know we'll be back to stay there again. We stopped in Raleigh for dinner at PF Chang's for our anniversary and found the Lush store too. I'm one of those Strange people that cannot leave for a Trip without cleaning the house Top to bottom, doing all the laundry and making sure my bed has a Clean duvet and sheets on it so coming home is always the Best treat of all... And, on top of that, Dallas is playing in a few minutes so I'll get to watch the game while I read all my mail and relax into my evening! As nice as it always is to get away, it's Better to come home!   

So, after Keli's rave reviews of Lush's bath products and having just Spent the entire weekend
indulging in all the Wonderful Lush products she picked out and sent to Me, I had to go See
for myself. Fortunately, there is a Lush store in Raleigh now, which is on the way home from
the Coast... And, as with all things Keli recommends, Lush is all that! Here is a photo of some of 
their Bath bombs. Keli highly recommended the Humango, but said the size and weight
made sending it to me shipping-Prohibitive. And, now I know what she was talking
about... It's HUGE! But Keli's right, it's worth having. It smells Ah-mazing!
lots to Love here... Including a Free bath Bomb with every $20 spent
today... My favorite Bomb so far is Christmas Party. It's the bomb that
left all those Stars in the bottom of the tub at the hotel. So all ten of
my Freebies I got, I asked for those! Unfortunately, gift cards don't
count toward Freebie total, but that's okay. Oh, and please don't tell Keli
she's getting a Lush gift card for Christmas... I want her to be surprised! 
The only Complaint I have about the Lush store in Raleigh is that
they are in Desperate need of more floor space! It was shoulder to
shoulder in there; plus, since they have only two Registers, check-out was a
Crushing experience. Add all their customers in there to WAY too many sales
 people Buzzing about and a Girl can barely stop to Sniff! I spent a good bit of
money, but given more space and Air, I could have done SO much better! See
below what I mean. You see product Galore, but just Three (less, ?) feet on either
side of the store and a Foot and a half at register. Makes shopping there not much
fun. Looks like I'll just have to Arrange for a trip when it might just be me and Me!
Humango versus Christmas Party... there's bomb and then there's BOMB!
I find myself planning our Next trip to another hotel with a Great bathtub!
In our Travels this weekend we managed to find a few Antique stores...
In the one I showed you that Amazing doll house I found this German
Weisswurst Topf. It was marked Soup Tureen, but upon closer inspection
(and after reading my German) it is clearly a Weisswurst pot... Love it! 
King Ludwig and his dates of Reign are featured on both sides of the Lid
At a shop in Beaufort I found this vintage Glass block bank - I see them
every now and again but never in Perfect condition like this one. And,
I've never seen one with a Sunburst design on it like this one has either!
If you Enlarge this photo you can see the Sunburst better... I found
this Pyrex butter dish at a shop in Morehead City. It's perfect too!

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