Sunday, December 14, 2008

I will Pine for you...

I decided to Ignore that on-line review I read on the Sheraton Atlantic Beach
regarding their room service... The reviewer whined about the Cost and skimpy
portions... Well, since our entire stay was Complimentary and the Director of
Marketing WAAAAAY upgraded our room from the basic accommodation outlined
in the Prize letter, I thought the Very least we could do, besides tip everyone huge
and rack up the daily Internet fee, was order room service too. So, I threw Caution
to the wind before bed last night over Portion size and filled out the little Room service
request form and hung it on the door Knob so that our Anniversary breakfast would
be brought to us... between eight and eight-fifteen, please. And, not only was the
Breakfast delivered promptly at 8:08AM, it was SO not skimpy at all... All this for only
$11.00, per Person. There was so much Left over that I threw it all into a plastic bag and
brought it home for the Raccoon to eat tonight. Oh, and those pesky daily Wireless
internet fees some of the other On-line reviewers complained about?
WAIVED upon check-out, thank you Very much!
After breakfast, a last long look Off the bedroom balcony...
If you click on this Photo to enlarge it you'll see a piece of bread in
the middle of my shot, about Center. Last night after dinner we
stopped at a Grocery store for a loaf of bread to feed the Sea gulls...
We better go before I get too Used to this view!
Even in winter, the Best place to be is at the Coast!
Good-bye old friend... I will Pine for you each day we are apart!
I used the empty bread bag to Collect clam shells...
this beach was Littered with them!
I could stand in this Spot all day - but if I did,
who would Go to work for me tomorrow?
Yes, I'm still standing here...
just Look at that Sky!
A quick Look at the Indoor pool and spa on my way Out...
one last look at the Lobby. I'm a little closer to the Door now than I was before
Know what those red and Yellow things are? They're called Crab pots!
And those... down there, those are Crab Pot Christmas Trees!
We First saw them last night during our Tour of the decorated Historic homes
of Beaufort. Almost every Garden we toured had one; and all Lit up, they look like the most
beautiful Outdoor trees, ever! So after our tour we decided to hunt them down; however, not
knowing exactly what they were, we struck out at all the usual places you would expect to find
outdoor Christmas decorations. But... this Morning, as we were leaving Morehead City, we
passed a Seafood vendor along the side of the road that had one so we Stopped to ask about it
and he said they're called Crab Pot Trees... And, he was selling them! But, he only had the 6'
size left. Of course, we bought his 6' and then drove over to Panera Bread so I could log on to
Google, Crab Pot Trees, hoping to find out where we might find more on a Sunday morning...
But, not only did I find them and a place nearby that Sold them, (that was open on Sunday)
they were right there at the Ace Hardware store in Atlantic Beach, just 2 miles from our Sheraton!
Yup, we ended up driving all the way back to the Hotel to get them - ACE was out of the 4' size
but we were able to get that size from another place we found selling Crab Pot trees in Kinston,
NC. That one was WAY more expensive than the ones we found in Atlantic Beach and Morehead City,
but we were also getting further away from the Coast, so it made sense. So if you're in the Neighborhood
between now and New Year's you'll get to see four Crab Pot Christmas trees added to our decorations!
Crab Pot Trees... Who knew?

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